JD chain leads the domestic self-developed blockchain Technology

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jd chain leads domestic self-developed


In recent years , Blockchain technology has become the focus of global attention , China has given a high degree of policy support from the central government to local governments , The leading enterprises in China have made a lot of arrangements . Independent research and development of JD cloud Zhizhen chain JD Chain Blockchain infrastructure , On 2019 year 3 It's the first month to open up , It has become a technology leader in the field of blockchain in China , At present, Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain JD Chain engine Can handle up to... Per second 2 Million transactions , On the order of magnitude 10 Billion level account storage and 100 billion level transaction storage , Multi Chain Collaboration TPS Up to a million , Fully reduce the industry threshold for enterprises to apply blockchain Technology , Help the vigorous development of domestic blockchain self research technology .


The recently released 14th five year plan , Blockchain has risen to the height of national strategy . In the specific content of blockchain industry ,“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The plan clearly states that : Driving smart contracts 、 Consensus algorithm 、 encryption algorithm 、 Blockchain technology innovation such as distributed system , Focus on alliance chain, develop blockchain service platform and financial technology 、 Supply chain management 、 Government services and other fields , Improve the regulatory mechanism .

Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain JD Chain The underlying architecture is intended to create a general blockchain framework system for enterprise application scenarios , Solve the high access threshold encountered by enterprises in the application of blockchain technology 、 Poor business applicability 、 Poor performance 、 The operation is complex . at present JD Chain Not only in smart contracts 、 Encryption algorithm technology, etc , Relying on Jingdong's own advantages to build alliance chain , Promote financial technology 、 Supply chain management 、 The practice of government affairs service .

Technological innovation , The system is self-developed

Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain JD Chain As the bottom layer of blockchain technology developed by jd.com , Since open source , After dozens of iterations and upgrades , In generality 、 Functional completeness 、 Security 、 stability , And throughput indicators have been greatly improved . recently , Byzantine fault tolerance is the core technology of integrated blockchain (BFT) In consensus research ,JD Chain Major breakthroughs have been made , Introduction “ Little flying elephant Byzantine (DumboBFT) Algorithm ”, And actively integrate , Strive to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological forces into industrial kinetic energy , Through technology open source and product empowerment , Applied to all aspects of various industries .

“ Little flying elephant Byzantine (DumboBFT) Algorithm ” It's Jingdong JACOBI Blockchain innovation laboratory is in the core technology of blockchain —— byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) Major breakthroughs have been made in consensus research , It is also the first fully practical asynchronous consensus algorithm , This achievement 《Dumbo: Faster Asynchronous BFT Protocols》 Presented at the network security flagship Conference ACM CCS( The first 27 International Conference on computer and communication security ).

at present ,JD Chain engine It can process super per second 2 Million transactions , On the order of magnitude 10 Billion level account storage and 100 billion level transaction storage , Support verification execution of cross chain contract , Multi Chain Collaboration TPS Up to a million , And it has strong security and privacy characteristics , It supports both national and international cryptosystem standards . It will also be implemented through the 、 Consensus 、 Optimization of contract execution and other modules , To deal with 、 Parallel processing design of signature verification, etc , To achieve better performance .JD Chain It has passed the performance and efficiency test of software products conducted by the national industrial information security development research center , And the functional compliance test conducted by China Institute of electronic technology standardization .

Scene application , More landing

With the bottom engine of independent open source JD Chain For the kernel , Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain has also developed a Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain that can provide comprehensive blockchain as a service for enterprises JD BaaS platform , Flexible deployment , It's safe and easy to use . at present JD BaaS The platform has been perfectly integrated JD Chain The underlying engine , Relying on the technological blessing of JD cloud , Open and compatible public cloud 、 Private cloud 、 Hybrid cloud and other environmental resources , In order to help users to enable blockchain technology to many aspects of the development of the real economy faster , at present , Already in Digital finance 、 Supply chain traceability 、 Intelligent government 、 Digital deposit 、 Credit network 、 Insurance technology, etc 6 Large area 30 I landed in the scene .

In the E-contract scenario , Depending on the JD Chain Stable performance in high throughput scenarios , The E-contract platform of JD cloud blockchain can ensure that every contract can be quickly linked and read , The effect of cost reduction and efficiency increase of contract signing business process is remarkable , Save time and cost about 80%, The cost of signing a contract decreased by about 60%; The field of supply chain traceability , Jingdong cloud Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform is a global leading application of supply chain traceability , Have cooperated with more than 1000 Home brand , Drop link data super 10 Billion level , consumer “ Quality traceability ” The number of queries exceeds 950 Ten thousand times , Cover food fresh 、 Maternal and infant 、 liquor 、 jewelry 、 Beauty makeup 、 Second hand goods 、 luxury goods 、 Cross border goods 、 medicine 、 Dozens of scenes, such as shopping malls and convenience stores . Digital warehouse receipt scenario in the field of digital Finance , utilize JD Chain Build a blockchain Alliance for commodity trading participants , Realize the whole process traceability of electronic warehouse receipt , Build a pledge financing service based on secure and trusted blockchain electronic inventory warehouse receipt . In the scene of smart government benefiting enterprises policy implementation , adopt JD Chain Technology implementation business process traceability 、 The result of publicity cannot be tampered with , Build a sound risk prevention and control mechanism of clean government , Effectively avoid interest rent seeking 、 Repeat declaration 、 Malicious declaration, etc . At the same time, using its standardized ledger data function , Separate data channel management for each department's data , Ensure data privacy and security .

Leading the industry , Open source

since 2019 year 3 month JD Chain stay Github Since the last official open source code , In more than two years JD Chain The project has maintained a high level of activity . From the initial stage of open source, individual projects are gradually enriched to the main projects around the core JD Chain Open source project ecology of , Including blockchain framework (jdchain-framework)、 Blockchain browser (explorer) 、 Penetrating search service (jdchain-indexer)、 Integration test case library (jdchain-test) etc. , At present, we are maintaining related open source projects 14 individual . In recent days, ,JD Chain Also settled in the domestic code hosting and R & D cooperation platform Gitee( Project open source address : https://gitee.com/jdchain ), Super... For the platform in a more direct way 600 Million developers ,18 Ten thousand enterprise customers provide high quality domestic open source blockchain code .

Launched at the same time as open source JD Chain The open source community ( Community address : ledger.jd.com ), Has continued to operate 2 In the above , Also join the domestic independent blockchain open source community “DAPPLedger”. So far ,JD Chain The total number of views of the open source community is more than 12 ten thousand , The total number of independent visitors is nearly 5 ten thousand , Program download 6 Thousands of times . meanwhile ,JD Chain The community is facing global enterprises 、 Technology developers recruit co creation partners , Call on more technology lovers and application enterprises to obtain the latest version of open source technology code in the community 、 Design document , Promote business development and application in various fields , Create together 、 To build , Jointly promote the development of domestic self-developed blockchain technology .

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