DAPP decentralized application

dapp decentralized application

What is? DAPP

DAPP yes Decentralized Application Abbreviation , That is, decentralized application , Others call it distributed applications . It's thought to open up the blockchain 3.0 Time .DAPP It is all kinds of distributed applications derived from the underlying blockchain platform , It's a form of service delivery in the blockchain world .DAPP On blockchain , Some similar APP To IOS and Android.

DAPP Characteristics

• DApp Decentralized operation through network nodes . It can run on the user's personal device , such as : mobile phone 、 Personal computer . Always belong to the user , It can also be freely transferred to anyone .

• DApp Running on Peer-to-Peer Networks . Independent of the central server , There is no need for a dedicated communication server to deliver messages , There is no need for a central database to record data . The data is stored in the user's personal space , It could be a cell phone , It could be a personal cloud disk .

• DApp The data is encrypted and stored on the blockchain . We can rely on blockchain for property rights transactions 、 sales , Carrying the way of transaction without intermediary .

• DApp Participant information is stored securely . Can protect digital assets , Guarantee that property rights will not be disclosed 、 Be destroyed .

• DApp Must be open source 、 autonomous . It can be generated freely by users , Ownership of signature mark . Its release is not restricted by any institution . All kinds of creativity and innovation can be freely expressed and realized .

DAPP Will it be the future of blockchain ?

Mobile phones bring people into the era of mobile Internet ,APP Enrich our mobile internet life , In the past few years ,APP The rise of economy has changed people's living habits , Start with takeout 、 See a movie 、 Take a taxi 、 A bike 、 online shopping 、 social contact 、 office 、 information 、 video ......APP Everywhere ; It's different dimensions to our business 、 life 、 The work has been transformed to varying degrees ; Precisely because APP Appearance , That's why we have entered the era of mobile Internet , but APP The impact on us is limited to “ reform ”, Not yet “ restore ” Or subvert ; There is no denying that , After years of rapid development ,APP On the decline , that , Who can surpass APP Well ? Would be DAPP Do you ? Due to the inherent data right confirmation attribute of blockchain 、 And the characteristics of value networks , At present, a lot of work in product application can be handled by the underlying chain , Application developers only need to do a good job in business model design and user experience ; Therefore, blockchain technology has brought us huge imagination , Although based on blockchain Technology DAPP Still in its infancy , At present, there is no large-scale practical application value of DAPP appear ;

DAPP advantage

1) User real name authentication process change

DAPP scenario , If the public chain supports data sharing , So developers only need to complete data matching , You can share user real name information from developers in other ecosystems , At the same time, just pay Token that will do ; And for users , This is also a POD(Proof of Data) Mining mode , There are also benefits , It's a win-win cooperation ; For example, gongxinbao “ Block city ”;

2) The security of trading is improved

With the big bang of trading , The demand for transaction efficiency is increasing ; Originally based on financial intermediation ( For example, banks 、VISA etc. ) The way of dealing with the transaction is inefficient , The cost of credit production is high , To reduce this risk , Now we need to invest a lot of risk control cost to audit, but the effect is very little ; And based on UTXO(Unspent Transaction Output) The blockchain technology can simply solve this problem , There is no need to change or upgrade the existing business process , Like the central bank “ Digital bill trading platform ”;

3) Changes in industrial relations of production

Data confirmation of blockchain 、 The two attributes of value network can change the current Internet production relations , Promote the emergence of industry applications , Users no longer have to worry about choice anxiety , A typical example is Internet video ; The high cost of copyright leads to Tencent 、 Iqiyi 、 Sohu can only pay a very high cost to crack down on piracy 、 Users need to buy TV series on different platforms VIP account number , If it's based on blockchain Technology , Episodes can be copyrighted , Users can watch the show through any channel , It can pay for everything Token turn , Then it is distributed to the copyright owners by the blockchain based on the value network 、 Channel side ; In this ecology , The problem of piracy has been solved ( such as B standing UGC Upload, etc ), The cost of competing for copyright is down , Developers focus on improving the user experience , The way to obtain users has changed from copyright barrier to community operation , Experience competition , The real era of Internet operation will come ; For example “ Spark TV ” The TV series of each platform can be watched in one stop , But add ads without permission , Affect the interests of copyright owners , Finally, being banned is an example ;

4) Project operation and maintenance cost is reduced

The operation and maintenance cost of the project is often higher than the development cost , We evaluate the resource threshold based on the expected maximum traffic , If the assessment is too low , It's easy to go down , Too high is a waste , for example : Most products should have faced the high concurrency problem caused by operation activities , It's not uncommon to see a marketing explosion of servers , And the cost waste brought by adding servers is a headache , At present, several low-level chains in development ( for example EOS、Elastos) The resource allocation model is based on user ownership Token The number of , This means that we can buy temporarily before an event starts Token( resources ), And release it in daily operation and maintenance ( sell ), It greatly reduces the cost of operation and maintenance ;

5) Technology development costs are reduced

Currently, project development usually evaluates four versions :iOS、Android、 Applet 、Web, Theoretically DAPP It's like a little program , The idea is that you don't need to install , Go as soon as you use it , All the calculations are done online , Local creation of processes is prohibited , The system automatically creates or finds local 、 periphery 、 Other micro services in the chain , In the white paper I've seen so far ,Elastos( Also come to cloud ) This is basically the design idea of , Hope that in 2018 We can see landing applications in 2010 ;

DAPP The disadvantages of

1) The subversion of product design ideas

At present, the design idea of Internet products is “ Small step run 、 High speed iteration ”, This way in pure DAPP There should be big problems in the application , Simply speaking , The existing APP All based on their own servers , Major issues can be iterated and forced to refresh the version , but DAPP Based on a distributed blockchain network , Once submitted online, the core appears bug It's hard to iterate ; take The DAO Let's give you an example ,The DAO If the core vulnerability is centralized processing , Just go offline and change Bug that will do , But Ethereum can only solve it by hard bifurcation , This is it. DAPP With the existing APP Different design ideas , stay MVP1.0 In the research stage of , Make sure the core mechanism doesn't come as a surprise ;

2) The efficiency of public chain processing is low

At present, the successful implementation of the underlying chain is inefficient 、 Unreasonable use of resources , The currency of the 5TPS、 Ethereal 25TPS Follow VISA Of 1300TPS There's almost no comparability ; According to legend EOS、Qtum Thousands or even millions of TPS As there is no actual landing, we will not discuss it now ; therefore , At present, public chain is not suitable for commercial application development , If we borrow some of these technologies ( No real-time transactions ) No problem , Like point trading 、 Copyright sharing, etc ;

3) R & D is risky

There is no universal public chain yet , It's like PC In the era of Windows、Mac OS; In the age of smart machines iOS、Android; Therefore, based on the development of a public chain, we have to bear the risk of losing everything if the public chain is eliminated , It's like the Symbian developer , Maybe cross chain technology can solve , But who knows ? in summary , In the ecological sense of the Internet , Blockchain technology is an important part of its underlying structure , All future applications need to be considered in combination with , There may also be more new application models , We need to follow up as a product , Explore , Choose the relevant model that suits you best , Continuously improve the user experience ;

How many? DAPP Development platform

Ethereum( The etheric fang ) Is a Turing complete blockchain one-stop development platform , The protocol is implemented in a variety of programming languages , use Go Language client as the default client ; It allows anyone to build and use distributed applications running through blockchain technology in the platform , We can understand it as Android, It's a development platform , Users can be based on Android Framework Development and application based on blockchain Technology ;

LISK It is a new generation of blockchain platform , allow Java( The engineers noticed that Java technology ) Development and distributed application based on , An easy to use 、 A fully functional ecological blockchain system ; Relative to the bottom layer of other blockchains ,LISK The advantage of the application is that it's written in Java Decentralized application solutions in , And it adds each application to LISK On a separate side chain ;
Asch It's a public chain project ,2016 Planning at the beginning of the year , The main network is 2016 year 8 month 16 It's officially on line ; Just master Java, It can be based on Asch Development DAPP, Asch It's a side chain architecture , every last DAPP It's a side chain , Side chains can have independent blockchains and node networks ; Different DAPP They don't influence each other , differ Ethereum, Asch On the system DAPP The increase of quantity will not increase the burden of the main chain , It's a more advanced mechanism ;
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