Introduction to hyperledger sawtooth for blockchain development

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introduction hyperledger sawtooth blockchain development
The blockchain industry is still in its infancy , New innovations are being made every day . Many blockchain stacks are created as monolithic architectures , This makes it difficult for people to adopt these new technologies .Sawtooth Supports two key areas of modularity :

Consensus algorithm and

Smart contracts .

Consensus algorithm is a continuous research field , Each algorithm is delaying , Throughput and security have unique characteristics .Sawtooth The consensus engine design of makes the new algorithm available at the time of release . at present ,Sawtooth Support five consensus algorithms :

Developer model PoET-CFT




In terms of smart contracts ,Sawtooth Enable developers to use existing programming languages and new smart contract specific languages . This means that developers can use Python,Java and RUST And so on EVM or WebAssembly Wait for a new smart contract engine to deploy its business logic .

Sawtooth Based on the traditional blockchain Architecture ( Like bitcoin or Ethereum ) On the basis of security and actual combat . It's by adding the capabilities that the enterprise needs ( Such as permission function ) Extend to these platforms , Enable companies to restrict access to blockchain infrastructure .

Sawtooth It's a traditional blockchain Architecture , And Fabric There's a spokesperson / The sequencer structure is different . The characteristics are as follows :

Chain Governance - Use smart contracts to vote on blockchain configuration settings , For example, allowed participants and smart contracts .

Advanced transaction execution engine - Parallel processing of transactions to speed up block creation and validation .

Support Ethereum - Run reliable smart contracts and integrate with Ethereum tools .

Dynamic consensus - With the growth of the Internet , Upgrade or exchange blockchain consensus protocols at any time , Thus, more scalable algorithms can be integrated when they are available .


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