What needs to be learned in blockchain course training?

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needs learned blockchain course training

What needs to be learned in blockchain course training ? At present, there are different training institutions on the market , Blockchain course content is also very different . Take the blockchain course of erudite Valley as an example , The course content combines basic knowledge and project practice , And keep up with the market trend , It aims to cultivate the middle and senior talents needed by enterprises . Now let's take a look at the course arrangement of boxuegu blockchain .

1、 Blockchain mainstream language ——Go Language .

Go Language as a strongly typed compiler language , Naturally, it is not as flexible as analytic language . however Go Language provides Any type (interface{}) And powerful type reflection (reflect) Ability , A combination of the two , The flexibility of development is close to that of analytic language . In the aspect of dynamic call of logic , It's very easy to implement , This is also the first thing many people need to learn when they learn blockchain technology Go The reason for language .

The main contents include :Go Language introduction and development environment 、 The base type 、 Operator 、 Process control 、 function 、 engineering management 、 The compound type 、 object-oriented programming 、 exception handling 、 Text file processing 、 Case study : Developing actual combat .

2、 Blockchain back end technology system ——Go Language high concurrency server development .

Blockchain knowledge system , It's the knowledge base of back-end programming . The etheric fang , Rayleigh wave currency , At present, most of the mainstream blockchain shaping projects of bitcoin are selected Go Language and C++ Language implementation , Therefore, building a knowledge system of back-end service programming is the preferred cornerstone of blockchain development , It is very important for future development .

The main contents of this stage include :Linux command 、linux Development and debugging tools 、 System I/O operation 、 Process and IPC signal communication 、 Threads and synchronization 、goroutine Coroutine and scheduler 、channel Pipeline and CSP Synchronization mechanism 、 Network protocol and network programming 、 Case study :Go High concurrency server development practice 、 Case study :Go Concurrent crawler system development practice .

3、 Decentralized front end development and web Server development .

De centralization Dapp Web development is still based on traditional Web2.0 Technology ,html/css/javascript Is the cornerstone of the entire Internet page , Learn them well , It's very important to lay a good foundation .Beego It's the mainstream of big Internet companies web Server framework , because Go Congenital support is highly complicated , So a lot of big Internet companies are web Service Framework Go The transformation of language , This can easily achieve hundreds of millions of levels of high concurrency , More saving enterprise operating costs .

The main content of this stage is : Relational database -mysql、no-sql Cached database -redis、 distributed file system fastDFS、 The front-end development 、git、beego frame 、 Big projects .

4、 Security theory and development of blockchain cryptography .

Blockchain technology is actually a more perfect and anti risk technology for data security , So cryptography is a necessary knowledge of blockchain technology . This phase of the course will include the common cryptography and secure cryptographic protocols in the underlying implementation of blockchain .

5、 Blockchain and smart contract development .

Understand the basic principles of blockchain system , be based on Go Language can customize blockchain system for enterprises . Master the mainstream blockchain (Bitcoin,Ethereum) Related mechanism and principle , Understand all kinds of mainstream consensus algorithms (PoW,PoS,DPoS), Master the blockchain system Go development language , Be able to write smart contracts based on Ethereum , Can write and publish tokens .

6、 Distributed microservice development .

Blockchain is actually a distributed bookkeeping book , The concept of distributed is very important for blockchain development , This stage of the course mainly solves the common virtualization deployment and micro service related distributed mainstream skills of enterprises ,Go Language as Docker Development language , What's more, it's popular for distributed ecology , So distributed computing helps to understand the decentralization of blockchain . The main contents of this stage include : virtualization VS Containerization 、Docker And Kubernetes(k8s) actual combat 、 Distributed programming theory 、Go Language and micro Services .

7、 Blockchain system framework development

hyperledger yes IBM The company supports ,linux Blockchain commercial development platform incubated by the foundation .hyperledger Fabric It's all for Go The realization of language ,hyperledger It can be widely used in private chain and alliance chain , Many big companies in China have joined hyperledger union . The main contents of this stage include : Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric Alliance chain framework 、Hyperledger Fabric Development and deployment of smart contracts 、Hyperledger Fabric + Go/Node.js Chain code development 、 Huawei BCS Blockchain platform development practice .

The above is the content of the blockchain course training of erudite valley . You still have any questions about the blockchain course , You can consult online teachers on the official website of erudite valley , Welcome to experience the blockchain audition course !

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