How to learn blockchain technology? Teach you to systematically learn blockchain Technology

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learn blockchain technology teach systematically

Blockchain decentralization , It is widely used in all walks of life , If you want to switch to blockchain, how can you learn blockchain technology ? How to systematically learn blockchain technology ? To learn blockchain technology, we must first determine the direction of learning blockchain 、 The time and energy you put in 、 Blockline learning routes 、 Learning materials arrangement, etc , And make sure you really want to learn the block chain , This is important !

Determine the direction of blockchain learning , There are also many directions for blockchain development , For example, blockchain application development 、 Blockchain architect 、 Bottom core development 、 Consensus algorithm research, etc , Different directions require different contents to learn . It takes time to learn and practice to learn well , Because blockchain involves many technologies , We can have a conceptual understanding of each technology , Go deeper and deeper . If you are zero foundation, I suggest you take a look at the basic knowledge course content of blockchain technology first , Take the block chain syllabus of erudite Valley as an example :

One 、 Security theory and development of blockchain cryptography

1、 cryptography : An overview of cryptography

2、 Symmetric encryption : Encoding and decoding 、des、aes、 Bitwise foreign land 、 Group mode

3、 Asymmetric encryption : Asymmetric encryption concept 、 Public key 、 Private key generation 、rsa Encryption algorithm application

4、 One way hash function : One way hash function overview 、 The hash algorithm 、 One way hash function application

5、 From message authentication to digital signature : Introduction to message authentication 、 Message authentication applications 、 Introduction to digital signature 、rsa Implement digital signature 、 Elliptic curve encryption algorithm

6、 certificate : Introduction of certificate 、 certificate ca authentication


Two 、 Blockchain and smart contract development

1、 project Go Language and blockchain development : The history of bitcoin 、 Bitcoin details 、 Bitcoin depends on Technology 、 Bitcoin structure 、 The core Bitcoin-Core、Bolt database 、gob code 、 Block iterators 、 Bitcoin trading 、 Unlock the role of the script 、UTXO Process analysis 、coinbaseTX Realization 、output/input principle 、UTXO Realization principle 、 Principle of wallet 、 gob.Register principle 、Wallets structure 、FindNeedUTXO Rewriting principle 、GetBalance principle 、IsValidAddress principle 、Sign Signature implementation 、VerifyTransaction Implementation and verification

2、 Blockchain and Ethereum : Introduction to blockchain concept 、 Consensus mechanism 、 Introduction to smart contracts 、 Bifurcation 、 Ethereum Overview 、Metemask、 Ethereum interactive Demo 、 gas_gasprice_gaslimit The concept is introduced 、 Bitcoin and Ethereum 、remix、 Contract compilation and deployment

3、solidity:solidity Basic grammar 、solidity Advanced Grammar 、 Comprehensive case : Token Introduction


5、 Intelligent contract : Comprehensive case : Compile and deploy contracts

6、 project : Demonstration and analysis of lottery project 、 Lottery contract writing 、 Lottery project implementation and deployment

7、 project : Crowdfunding demonstration and introduction 、 Crowdfunding contract writing 、 Project implementation and deployment

8、truffle frame :truffle introduction

9、web3.js frame :web Operating accounts 、 Private chain building

10、ipfs Use :ipfs Basics 、ipfs To upload pictures

3、 ... and 、 Distributed microservice development

1、docker Basics : understand docker

2、docker The core : Mirror operation 、 Container operation 、 Data volume operations 、 Network operating

3、Docker senior :dockerfile Basic operation 、dockerfile establish go Environment building 、Docker-compose Basic use

4、 Microservice framework : Overview of microservices 、protobuf、grpc Environment building 、consul Cluster building 、micro frame

Four 、 Blockchain system framework development

1、shell:shell Script entry

2、 Practical operation cases :hyperledger fabric Single machine multi node deployment chain code

fabric install 、fabric introduction 、cryptogen、configtx.yaml To configure 、docker、 Comprehensive case : Chain code installation 、hyperledger fabric API

3、 Practical operation cases :hyperledger fabric Multi machine and multi node deployment chain code

Chain code function introduction 、fabric Account management 、fabric-ca、 certificate 、 Channel file 、 Creation block 、 Node configuration and operation 、 Trading test 、 Consensus mechanism 、 The packing of chain code 、 install

4、 Practical operation cases :kafka colony

kafka colony

5、 Comprehensive case :fabric Supply chain traceability

configtx To configure 、 Chain code deployment 、 Tracing principle analysis

fabric application

Huawei cloud server construction 、 Huawei BCS Service establishment 、BCS service SDK Explain 、govendor Package management tools 、 Business data link 、configtx.yaml To configure 、 docker To configure 、hyperledger fabric、 Customize SDK To write

Market value : Master the framework of enterprise mainstream alliance chain Hyperledger Fabric And Huawei blockchain platform .

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