Is the prospect of blockchain training good? What can I do?

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prospect blockchain training good

The prospect of blockchain training and employment is good ? This should be judged according to the teaching content of training institutions , There is a huge talent gap in the blockchain itself , If you really learn the real technology after the training , Then it will become the talent that is vied for by the major enterprises , Don't worry about finding a good job . What can we do after specific blockchain training ? Like blockchain development engineers 、 Blockchain researcher and other posts are very suitable .

One 、 The future development prospect of blockchain

Blockchain (Blockchain) Technology as a decentralized way to collectively maintain a reliable database technology solutions , With decentralization 、 tamper-proof 、 Highly scalable and so on , Is becoming the next big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Virtual reality is another emerging technology that will have a significant impact on the future , It is expected to promote human beings from the era of information internet to the era of value Internet . The United States 、 Japan and some EU countries and regions have made the development of blockchain an important national development strategy , Vigorously promote the development and application of blockchain technology . China also attaches great importance to blockchain technology innovation and industrial development , stay IT With the joint participation of enterprises , A large number of new enterprises have sprung up 、 New products 、 A new model 、 New application , Blockchain in Finance 、 government affairs 、 energy 、 Applications in medical and other industries are gradually unfolding , It is becoming an important force to drive technological product innovation and industrial transformation in various industries .

Two 、 Employment status of blockchain

The explosion of blockchain technology has prompted a large number of training institutions to join the blockchain training industry , But the teaching staff of blockchain training institutions 、 Teaching level 、 Curriculum is also good and bad .3 The sky produces 80 A lecturer ” And so on . There are some IT Training institutions through unfair competition and other means , Enroll students , This has caused confusion for engineers and industry practitioners learning blockchain technology , It's very irresponsible competition . So how to choose blockchain training institutions with employment security ?

First of all, it depends on the course arrangement of blockchain training . Take the employment class of erudite Valley as an example , The course content keeps up with the market trend , Select a number of large-scale actual combat projects , Cover 10+ Hot industries , Seamless docking with the needs of enterprises . The actual combat contents include : Blockchain decentralized crowdfunding projects 、 Huawei blockchain platform development project 、 Rental network (GoMicro+docker/k8s)、 Spreading wisdom Podcast CMS System 、 Electronic business platform (beego frame )、 Blockchain decentralized gambling project 、eBay Ethereum commodity bidding 、 Digital token ( Black horse coin ) Projects, etc . In addition to a large number of actual case analysis and explanation , After the students finish the course , There will also be a special employment tutor who will analyze the individual situation of the students and customize the exclusive employment plan according to the employment city of the students , And provide employment resources , Help students get into the desired position .

3、 ... and 、 Blockchain jobs

1、 Blockchain Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of blockchain products ; Build the underlying architecture based on blockchain , Can realize the public chain 、 Side chain 、 The chain of private , And provide application layer call ;

Development 、 Implement and improve encryption protocols , Design security protocol and Architecture ;

Developing service products based on blockchain , Including back-end protocols 、 Infrastructure 、 System services and related clients ;

Research and focus on blockchain Technology 、 Mainstream digital financial products ( This requirement is mainly aimed at the cross companies of blockchain and finance ).

2、 Blockchain Product Manager

Responsible for blockchain products (B End 、C) The planning and design of , Including product architecture , Functional design , Make product optimization plan ;

According to business needs , Write detailed product design documents and prototype design documents ;

And R & D 、 Design 、 Effective communication between operation and other departments , Make sure they fully understand the products and push them to go online ;

Control project quality , Improve user satisfaction ;

Monitor product data , And analysis and Statistics , Continuous improvement of products , Solve user pain points

3、 Blockchain operations

Familiar with the operation of blockchain project , Various promotion channels and methods ;

Responsible for the company's product operation data analysis , Develop product operation strategy , Drive product conversion 、 The improvement of key operational indicators such as activity , Responsible for operational results ;

Accurately identify and deeply understand user needs , Analyze and mine user behavior data of product landing , Collect user feedback , Help drive product optimization iterations , Continuously improve and optimize the user experience ;

Focus on industry trends and trends , Analysis of competitors ;

With the product 、 data 、 The design team works closely with , Continue to optimize operations .

In short , After blockchain training, the employment prospect is very broad . The premise is to learn excellent technology , So it's crucial to choose the kind of training institution , At the same time, we should try our best , Some students want to lie down and get a job , It's also unrealistic .

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