How long does the blockchain course need to be studied?

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long blockchain course studied

Blockchain technology because of its good encryption performance , The decentralized model is more suitable for the public , Let blockchain technology become a hot spot pursued by major Internet companies . For now , Large domestic Internet companies are laying out business lines related to blockchain . According to the recruitment website data , At present, blockchain talent recruitment is in a hot state , Even the salary is as high as 30-50K Monthly salary . To fight for more opportunities , Many Internet talents have also joined the application field of blockchain technology . As a little white , How long does the blockchain course need to learn ? How much do you need to master to get a high paying job ?

What technologies does blockchain need to master ?

One 、 Master the mainstream development language of blockchain Go Language .Go Language is the mainstream development language of blockchain , So before learning blockchain technology, we need to master Go The basic use and development of language .

Two 、 master Go Language high concurrency server development . Building a knowledge system of back-end service programming is the first choice for blockchain development . Server related knowledge is also the key knowledge of other programming languages .

3、 ... and 、 Understand how blockchain works . The main thing is to master the technology of decentralization . At the same time, we also need to master the front-end development and web Development of server . A lot of big Internet companies are web Service Framework Go The transformation of language , This can easily achieve hundreds of millions of levels of high concurrency , More saving enterprise operating costs .

Four 、 Master the theory and development of blockchain password security . This is the core of blockchain Technology . Blockchain technology is actually a more perfect and anti risk technology for data security , So cryptography is a necessary knowledge of blockchain technology .

5、 ... and 、 Blockchain and smart contract development . At this stage, we mainly master the concept of blockchain ( Chain and coin 、 Pass card )、Go Language and blockchain system development 、 Ethereum and smart contract 、Node.js Development 、 Ethereum development framework 、IPFS Decentralized distributed file system 、 Big projects : The etheric fang DAPP Developing actual combat .

6、 ... and 、 Secondly, there are also , Distributed microservice development 、 Blockchain system framework development and golang Technology application and so on .

How long does the blockchain course need to learn ?

We know what technologies blockchain needs to master , Let's study how long we have to study together . It is mainly divided into two directions .

1、 Understand the level of . Many blockchain practitioners are not technology developers , But in this circle , We must understand the most basic core knowledge of blockchain , That is, the principle of blockchain and the current development of popular blockchain . These contents are introduced on the official website of erudite valley . This paper mainly analyzes the principle of blockchain , The case of bitcoin and Ethereum . In general, you can master it within one month .

2、 In terms of Technology . At this level, we need to learn all the technical knowledge points and principles of blockchain . In general, we need to learn 3-6 months . It mainly depends on how we learn . If we only rely on self-study , The estimated time is 6 Even months 6 Months or more ; If it's offline training , It's usually 4 About a month or so , And if you take the erudite Valley online course , Learners are free to arrange their time to study . It's very suitable for friends who want to be promoted . The average study time is 3-6 Monthly period , It mainly depends on the learners' current technical level .

Blockchain technology is still in the development stage in China , Although in medical care 、 game 、 Digital currency and other fields have already had preliminary application , But not for real use in people's daily life . So we need a lot of high-end talents to join us . If you have plans to work on blockchain . Learn about blockchain technology as soon as possible , Looking for a blockchain course suitable for your own learning . I recommend the valley of erudition to you Go Language and blockchain courses . It is a relatively high-quality course for blockchain learning at present .

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