What core knowledge must be mastered in learning blockchain technology?

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core knowledge mastered learning blockchain

Blockchain technology from the beginning of the simple speculation behavior to the development process with technology as the core , More and more people realize the importance of blockchain Technology , There have been many high paid jobs for pioneers through the core technology of blockchain . that , What core knowledge must we master to learn blockchain technology ?

Learning blockchain requires understanding network communication

For now , Blockchain mainly involves unstructured point-to-point communication (P2P); In the future, it is possible to derive structured P2P signal communication . Point to point communication is to establish a virtual link , The underlying physical links may change with network jitter ( And network status 、 Block size 、 The number of transactions in the block and other factors related to ) And change the corresponding path . therefore , It is suggested to consolidate the basic knowledge of network communication .

Learning blockchain requires understanding data storage

Most of the previous data storage methods are based on the key value database for high throughput , And now with the development of blockchain Technology , Traditional relational databases ( for example Mysql、Oracle) It can also be a storage medium , Some companies even start using big data platforms (Hadoop+Habse) To build the underlying storage mechanism . Next generation distributed version file system (IPFS) It's also an important direction to track ;

Learning blockchain requires understanding encryption technology

We need to understand the basic principle of hash function and asymmetric encryption and the operation mechanism of digital signature , This is also the core encryption technology of blockchain , More important, , At present, the state secret algorithm is used in the financial system , Corresponding to blockchain Technology SM2、SM3 and SM9 National secret algorithm needs to focus on understanding ;

Learning blockchain needs to understand the consensus mechanism

At first, the consensus mechanism of distributed system in trusted environment was popular ( for example PaxOS and Raft), Mainly involves CAP theory , While preserving partition fault tolerance (Partition tolerance) On the basis of , Final consistency of data (Consistency) And system availability (Availability) There will be a trade-off between . The main emphasis of blockchain technology is , In a “ To trust ” Consensus mechanisms in the environment , Including the workload proof mechanism of bitcoin (PoW)、 The rights and interests proof mechanism of diandianbi (PoS)、 The share authorization mechanism of bitshares (DPoS), And the practical Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm developed later (PBFT) And the continuous evolution of related consensus algorithms , Need a long-term follow-up and practice .

Learning blockchain needs to focus on privacy protection

Blockchain itself is a secure communication based on asymmetric encryption . however , According to the... At the end of the transaction “ Specific number ” Find the corresponding transaction relationship , Routing table through the core router 、 Physical address of network card (MAC Address ) And the international mobile device identification number of the mobile phone (IMEI Number ) And other information to track the identity of traders , Crack onion based routing (Tor) The hidden network of information . later , Monroe based on ring signature is gradually emerging (Monero)、 Based on zero knowledge proof ZCash And homomorphic encryption . Whether it's a ring signature 、 Proof of zero knowledge , Or homomorphic encryption technology , It's a bit of a mystery , It belongs to a larger category . Generally speaking , Mastered privacy protection technology , I'm also a blockchain expert .

Learning blockchain requires mastering security technology

It's mainly about private key security , How to generate secret key algorithm or identity based new private key generation algorithm , In the future, we need to track and study the security of smart contracts , The vulnerability attack that Ethereum blockchain will suffer . The security of smart contracts may also need to be familiar with the corresponding compilation principles and virtualization technologies .

Learning blockchain requires understanding cross chain technology

Cross chain technology refers to different structures 、 A technology for interconnection of different types of blockchains . The more famous one in the industry is Boca chain (Polkadot chain ) And the chain of the universe (COSMOS), It belongs to the cross chain technology representative of heterogeneous blockchain . Cross chain technology can be divided into Boca chain which takes the blockchain itself as the message transmission medium (Polkadot chain ), Ripo, who transmits communication messages through the connectors between books Interledger Protocol and support cross link communication through state channels and routes Aeternity And so on .

Learning blockchain needs to understand offline technology

If every transaction in the blockchain is completed on the chain , Performance may be a major bottleneck in blockchain systems . So how to improve the performance of the blockchain system ? In a way that does not use digital signature verification , Complete mass micropayments under the chain , It's a good development direction , This technology is called off chain technology . Learn the off chain technology of blockchain , We can focus on the lightning network corresponding to bitcoin and the lightning network corresponding to Ethereum .

Learning blockchain needs to focus on some derivative technologies

For example, the combination of single chain and Multi Chain , Refer to UK digital currency RSCoin; Accenture's editable blockchain Technology , Subvert the essence that cannot be tampered with ( Banks need );IOTA Based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) Blockchain technology of ( In fact, there is no concept of chain ), Starting to get rid of the traditional definition of blockchain , Gradually “ Distributed ledger ” Technology is getting closer .

Learning blockchain needs to be combined with the actual industry

The most important , Blockchain is just a technology , To really complete the learning of blockchain , We can't do without the deep study of professional vertical field , Understanding blockchain is just a superficial understanding , Know the industry + Understanding blockchain is the real blockchain expert .

The above are the core knowledge that we must master in the process of learning blockchain technology . Blockchain is just a technology application , It's a tool , It is his value that is truly applied to time . So in the process of learning , Don't just focus on principles and implementation techniques , What's more important is to realize the application level of blockchain . Zhengzhou see infertility hospital which good https://jbk.39.net/yiyuanzaixian/zztjyy/

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