Why blockchain is crucial to the future of data storage

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blockchain crucial future data storage

Ordinary people can now rent some unused hard disk space , And thus make money . The ability to exploit excess storage capacity has become a reality , Thanks to incentives from companies seeking to expand their decentralized networks .

Considering the cloud storage market, it is expected that 2022 It will grow to 889.1 Billion dollars , The decentralized storage industry is rapidly becoming a hot area with huge demand , And blockchain will be the key to its success .

Let's take a closer look at how companies solve this problem . There are two types of distributed storage technologies : Markets or infrastructure .

One 、 Storage market

The storage market makes disk space a commodity . They are the intermediary between those who want to store data and those who are willing to store data for them . It works by sharing files over a peer-to-peer network —— Think Napster Well . You must encrypt the file , Then it's sent to a single computer in the network . Of course , Behind the scenes , The data is broken down into pieces . When you want to retrieve data , All individual fragments will be retrieved from different nodes in the network and decrypted .

Storj、File Coin and Sia And other companies operate in the form of markets . They promise more than DropBox、 Services like Amazon or Google are faster 、 Cheaper 、 More secure storage space . However , This means that there is always a price to pay for accessing stored data . Whether it's the monthly cost of central players , Or the transaction cost of retrieving data from nodes in a decentralized network . With the growing demand for data storage , For low cost 、 The demand for scalable data storage protocols is inevitable .

One of the risks of the market is , Make sure that providers willing to store your data promise to do so permanently . If they leave the network , Then you may lose your data . Data is stored offline .

Two 、 Storage infrastructure

This leads to the storage infrastructure . Typical blockchains have well-known problems in data storage . These problems require new third-party protocols to be integrated into the existing blockchain . For on chain storage , It's not feasible to pay too much .

Arweave It's a company dedicated to solving this problem , They used a very novel way to store data on the chain . It is a new data storage blockchain protocol based on new access proof consensus mechanism . For the first time, this consensus mechanism allows for truly permanent data storage . Now? , The data is finally permanent , Low cost , Really free censorship .

With the Arweave CEO Sam Williams In conversation , He said :“ We've developed a blockchain like infrastructure , be known as blockweave. It's a platform designed to provide scalable on chain storage at a low cost .“Arweave Based on four core technologies , Can be achieved per second 5000 transaction .

Blockweave It's a data structure similar to blockchain . It can achieve low-cost storage on the chain . As the amount of data stored in the network increases , The amount of hashing needed to reach a consensus will be reduced . This reduces the cost of data storage . therefore ,Arweave Users only need to pay once , They can keep their data forever .

PoA (Proof of Access) It's a new consensus mechanism . Miners compete for who can replicate the most data . With a lot of data being replicated , Electricity consumption during mining will decrease over time . Miners provide as much as possible Blockweave Copy . Zhengzhou treatment of vulvar leukoplakia hospital which good :http://m.120zzzybb.com/

Blockshadows Support long-term data storage on the chain . Miners don't allocate the whole block . They spread out a very small “ shadow ”. It allows other nodes in the network to rebuild blocks from scratch . Because we store data on the chain , The network must support infinite block size . Compared with the whole block , Only the important information of the block moves in the network .

Wildfire It's an incentive mechanism , It's a self-organizing reputation system . Slow and unresponsive miners will have a very low reputation . The fast data storage shared with miners in the network will bring you good reputation .

Now we understand why storage infrastructure is important for low-cost and scalable storage . It provides the foundation for the entire decentralized storage industry . By creating a protocol layer , Arweave Become an industry leader , Provide immutable... For distributed applications 、 The back end of anti censorship . Permanent data storage is now really available for the first time .

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