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Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin , It's a data structure , We can think of it as an account book that contains all the historical transactions , There will be a number of transactions per block , These transactions can be viewed by each participant , Each participant in the blockchain should jointly maintain this account book .

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In recent years , The world's attitude towards bitcoin has gone up and down , However, as one of the underlying technologies of bitcoin, blockchain technology is getting more and more attention . In the formation of bitcoin , A chunk is a unit of memory , It records all the communication information of each block node in a certain period of time . Each block is hashed randomly ( Also known as hash algorithm ) Implement links , The latter block contains the hash value of the previous block , With the expansion of information exchange , One block is successively connected with another block , It's called the result of blockchain formation

What is a blockchain ? From a technological point of view , Blockchain involves mathematics 、 cryptography 、 There are many scientific and technological problems, such as the Internet and computer programming . From the perspective of application , Simply speaking , Blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database , With decentralization 、 No tampering 、 Leave a mark all the way 、 It can be traced back to 、 Collective maintenance 、 Open and transparent . These features ensure the blockchain's “ honest ” And “ transparent ”, Lay the foundation for the blockchain to create trust . And the blockchain has rich application scenarios , It is basically based on blockchain, which can solve the problem of information asymmetry , To achieve collaborative trust and concerted action among multiple agents

Public blockchain (Public Block Chains) Refer to : Any individual or group in the world can send transactions , And the transaction can obtain the effective confirmation of the blockchain , Anyone can participate in their consensus process . The public blockchain is the earliest blockchain , It is also the most widely used blockchain , The major bitcoins The series of virtual digital currencies are based on public blockchains , There is and only one blockchain corresponding to this currency in the world

Private blockchain (Private Block Chains): Only use the general ledger technology of blockchain for bookkeeping , It could be a company , It could be a person , Exclusive access to the blockchain , This chain is not very different from other distributed storage schemes . Traditional finance wants to experiment with private blockchain , And the application of public chain, for example bitcoin It's industrialized , The application products of private chain are still groping

The consensus mechanism of blockchain has “ The minority is subordinate to the majority ” as well as “ Everyone is equal ” Characteristics , among “ The minority is subordinate to the majority ” Not exactly the number of nodes , It can also be computing power 、 The number of shares or other characteristic quantities that a computer can compare .“ Everyone is equal ” It's when the node satisfies the condition , All nodes have the right to put forward consensus results first 、 After being directly recognized by other nodes, it may become the final consensus result . Take bitcoin for example , The workload proof is used , Only after controlling the whole network more than 51% In the case of a bookkeeping node , It's possible to forge a record that doesn't exist . When there are enough nodes to join the blockchain , It's basically impossible , So as to eliminate the possibility of fraud

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