Internet companies rush to recruit 2022 graduates, ant group's blockchain team doubles

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internet companies rush recruit graduates
Beijing, 3 month 26 (Reuters) distance 2022 There is still more than a year left for the graduates of this year to officially graduate , A number of domestic Internet companies have begun to recruit new graduates next year . In the near future , Ant group starts 2021 Intern recruitment in 2007 , Select talents for next year's fresh students , It is reported that most interns can get regular employment .

 Internet companies rush to recruit 2022 Graduates The recruitment of ant group's blockchain team has doubled

3 month 11 Japan , Ant Technology University held 2020 Annual awards , To commend the outstanding technical talents recruited by the University

according to the understanding of , Ant facing 2022 The recruitment plan for the last year is 2.5 times , Record high . From the recruitment position of this year's students , Ants are laying out to cultivate reserve technical talents for scientific and technological innovation , Like an ant chain 、 Privacy computing and other teams have greatly expanded the scale of recruitment .

The specific term , The ant colony has opened up 40 There are many kinds of jobs , oriented 2021 year 11 month -2022 year 10 This month's fresh graduates . Most of the posts are technical , Including Algorithm Engineers 、 R & D Engineer 、IoT Development Engineer 、 Blockchain R & D Engineer 、 Front-end development engineer 、 Data scientists, etc ; The workplace covers Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Hangzhou 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Chengdu 、 Chongqing and other cities . In addition to internship salary and meal allowance , Students with both schools and families away from home will also receive hotel accommodation subsidies 、 Transportation subsidies, etc .

The layout and development direction of ant group in scientific and technological innovation , We can see from this recruitment . It is reported that ,“ Ant chain ” The number of new students recruited by the team has doubled compared with last year . thus it can be seen , Ant chain business has entered a stage of rapid development .

2020 year , Ant blockchain is officially upgraded to “ Ant chain ”, Technological innovation and application have been speeded up in an all-round way . technical , For four consecutive years, the global blockchain patent application is the first ; On the application , Cross border trade 、 shipping 、 Inclusive Finance, etc 50 In multiple scenes , everyday “ Quantity on the chain ” exceed 1 100 million times . This year, 2 month ,《 Forbes 》 published 2021 Global blockchain in 50 Strong list , The ant group relies on “ Ant chain ” Three years in a row , And the only Chinese company on the list .

For financial technology companies , Data security and privacy protection are lifelines . It is generally accepted in the industry , The combination of blockchain technology and privacy Computing , It is conducive to better protect data privacy .

 Internet companies rush to recruit 2022 Graduates The recruitment of ant group's blockchain team has doubled

Another powerful technical team of ant group —— The privacy computing team , Also in this year's substantial expansion of fresh students . In the near future , The world's leading third-party Intellectual Property Organization IPRdaily And incoPat According to the ranking jointly released by the Innovation Index Research Center , The total number of global privacy technology patents of ant group 740 Number one , Next is Microsoft 、 Alibaba 、 China safe .

“ Technological innovation is the core driving force for every business evolution of ants ,” Ni Xingjun, chief technology officer of ant group, said , I'm looking forward to this year's students joining us , Explore future oriented technologies and applications together , Create your own story here , It also creates value for society .

Public information display , Ant group has been increasing investment in technology research and development in recent years . data display ,2019 Ant group's main expenditure in technology research and development , All year round 106 One hundred million yuan ; Among the employees of ants 64% It's the technicians .

according to the understanding of , In order to help new recruits adapt to the environment 、 Improve professional skills , Ant Technology University since 2008 The new training program was launched in 2005 , So far, it has trained more than 2300 Many fresh graduates ; Besides , One on one senior brother “ To help ” It also helps graduates who have just entered the workplace integrate into the team more quickly .

In the near future , Ant group is going to give lectures in many universities across the country , A number of technical scientists of ant will also communicate with the students at that time . meanwhile , Ant group online registration channel has been opened , This year's recruitment process is online , This year's students can choose the relevant positions of ant group and send their resumes .

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