Afanti eggnetwork constant price pass + encrypted social networking give birth to eftalk

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afanti eggnetwork constant price pass

EFTalk Subverting traditional social platforms

Blockchain distributed 、 Decentralization and other characteristics , Make it have a natural advantage in anonymity . Distributed environment provides a large number of participating nodes for anonymous system , And these participating nodes can provide a huge anonymous set for anonymous implementation , Enhance irrelevance .ENCRYPTION FREE TALK(EFTalk) Is based on EGG Yongdong financial public chain is a new generation of decentralized social network , It aims to provide users with secure social scenes on the chain , Using blockchain technology to reshape the traditional social monopoly of data value , Keep data safe 、 The value of digital assets returns to individuals , Provide users with a security 、 reliable 、 Whole process anonymity solution , All around protection of user privacy , Achieve real user privacy protection .


EFTalk The technical members are from the world's top geek team ------Autonomous Dream Works, And blockchain experts , Team members have been involved in EGG NETWORK Public chain development 、 Design, construction and wallet 、DAPP The development and operation of Internet . Different from traditional social platforms ,EFTalk The team is very focused on user experience , stay EFTalk With the participation of the open source community and individuals ,EFTalk Get the attention of global users in a short time .EFTalk The team will continue to optimize and upgrade , Provide diversified services for global users 、 Multi dimensional social functions and new ways to play finance .


Constant price pass realizes “ Social economy soft landing ”


In traditional social platforms , Such as : WeChat 、 The financial functions such as Alipay have limitations . On the one hand, it is influenced by centralized financial institutions , It is impossible to realize the free flow of global cross-border payment ; On the other hand, users have to be strictly censored , Sometimes it doesn't even work . In terms of functionality , Traditional social platforms only have the ability to trade 、 payment 、 Transfer accounts 、 Shopping and other functions , Can't play the value of social platforms themselves . In order to fully embody the value of decentralised socializing , EFTalk The platform adopts EFT Flow pass , As the rights and interests certificate of platform users ,EFT It aims to solve the problem of payment for different industries around the world 、 Social freedom 、 Privacy consensus 、 Trust mechanism and so on , It also uses the end-to-end trading capacity of blockchain to pay for 、 social contact 、 Entertainment content owners provide a diversified platform for decentralized content distribution and value delivery , Social use will be rewarded , In order to extend the financial value attribute of social platforms .


EFT At the level of blockchain, it supports the deposit of digital assets and physical assets ,EFT There are two kinds of assets on the Internet , The original capital at the bottom production ( Pass card )EFT, Defined as the whole Chain The underlying fuel of operation and the public chain share rights and interests , Toukuang 2100 over , Flow cycle according to platform flow . At the same time as EFTalk The use of the whole social ecological connection 、 Reward 、 Power income pass , EFT Value is stable . The other is perpetual financial and public chain equity assets composed of mobile ore pools EGG, It can be in two The first level market circulation transaction as well as the competitive price flash exchange EGG,EGG Value develops with the development of the whole ecology , The future price is immeasurable . In distribution ,EFT A unique autonomy agreement , It will be reissued according to the user growth rate , At the same time of meeting the user's function , Make sure EFT The quantity is in a stable range .EGG NETWORK Mining docking pursuit 1882..h Number 00092 some time , Decentralized socializing will be the focus of the competition ,EFTalk Using blockchain technology and business model to promote the innovation of traditional social platforms , Build an open environment for global users 、 transparent 、 equality 、 Boundless new financial social platform .EFTalk It's going to be a model of innovation in the global social market . 

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