The currency price has been greatly adjusted. There is no chance to enter the market. Hurry up and get on the bus! Filecoin is a special existence that is afraid of rising and falling. It is destined to continue to strengthen fil!

currency price greatly adjusted. adjusted

Grayscale FIL A substantial increase in trust Holdings 29554 FIL, growth 185%

Eastern time 3 month 31 Japan , Grayscale FIL Trust position increase 29554FIL, To hold together 4.56 over FIL, Compared with the last time growth 185%, The total scale of asset management 456 Billion dollars .

According to statistics , Grayscale 3 month 17 Friday night 9 spot 【 formal 】 Introduction FIL Trust products , The first time to build a warehouse costs in 80 Near the dollar ; Eastern time 3 month 19 Japan , Overweight 14796FIL, The cost of building a second warehouse is also 80 Near the dollar ; This time, we will increase our holdings again 29554FIL, The cost of the third opening is 170 Near the dollar .

data display : at present Filecoin Effective computing power of the whole network reaches 3.806EIB, The number of miners 1770 individual , The total accounts amount to 48.5273 ten thousand Household , single T Yield is 0.0938 FIL.

explain : After the currency price continues to soar , Packaging costs increase , The computing power of the whole network has declined , Average single T Production has increased . Therefore , We can predict , If there are no big institutions in the near future 、 Big money is coming in faster , Our earnings will remain flat or slow down , At this stage , It's also a relatively high yield period . however , Once big institutions 、 Big money comes in , single T There will be an accelerated decline in production . Because that's all that's released every day , The number of people who are divided suddenly increases , The average production is lower . It takes a sense of urgency .

lately Filecoin Continue to soar 、 Skyrocketing , And set a new record , It's like a bull market in the stock market , Create two great gods , They are the God of wealth and the God of money ( warren ).

Mammon :

Early investors , There is a rapid increase in wealth , Especially the early pioneers who started to participate before going online , It was at great risk , Now it's all you deserve , Risk and return are always proportional . The law of 28 will never change .

And then there's when it's online , Actively involved , Especially from 2020 year 12 month 22 It will be around the next day 2 month 8 During the day , because Gas Fees suddenly soared , Packaging costs 、 The cost of pledge has increased greatly , As a result, many miners have to ask customers to provide pledge currency , But in order to reduce the cost of packaging , Specially suppressed the currency price to 150 yuan , It also gives you a very low cost of buying money , If you respond positively , Took part in ,2 month 9 It's a big rise since July , And then continue to soar , You've pledged FIL There has also been a significant increase in the value of the currency , And enjoy the highest full package revenue . Although some discontent began to appear , But now it seems , it is worth that .

At that time , It's about understanding the project 、 Recognize and believe , faith .

Because there were some investors at that time 、 Personal we media began to waver , Criticize , Doubt the official , Doubt the project , Sell cheap chips early in the low position .

especially 2 month 9 Japan 、10 After a sharp rise in the day , It's for the so-called return to the original , Sell low chips . It's all caused by no faith .

The most fundamental reason is that there is no deep and comprehensive understanding of the project , It's just the lack of professional knowledge , Or arrogance , There is a deviation in the understanding of the project .

If you can stick to it at that time , You deserve what you get now , There's no need to be surprised . Even some people are scared , It's going up too fast , Not true . here we are 2 month 22 The day fell again to 260 yuan , It's arranged horizontally 18 God , It was a good time to get in for the second time ; And then there's the continued surge 、 Skyrocketing . You deserve it , This is it. WEB3.0、 Blockchain 3.0 The charm and the best wealth opportunity for contemporary people !

Coin God ( warren ):

It's going up all the time , Make all the predictions come true , All your boasting has been fulfilled , And then there's a lot of bulls , God Man . Actually , It's all given by the market , Created . The secondary market is unpredictable . But the trend of the project , value , There can be a clear direction . Don't fall in love with the money gods 、 warren , It doesn't make sense .

After a sustained surge , There are always risks in the secondary market , Don't let the current surge ignore the risk .

Of course , There was a shock in the secondary market , Callbacks are also normal . It also reduces our packaging costs , Increase production , Get the most out of it . For ecological construction 、 Ecological development is beneficial , It's going up all the time , Let miners and investors who need to buy equipment or computing power be very passive . After all, our purchase cost is determined by the pledged currency and Gas Fee composition , The pledge currency is currently in 10 individual FIL about , It's stable for a certain period of time , It's also a fixed cost , This is directly linked to the currency price .

therefore , Now there's a callback , At present, the currency price is back to 190 Dollars or so , We need to be calm , This is a very normal phenomenon , It's also good Filecoin Ecological construction of , The ones that have come into play , Take advantage of the opportunity , A lot of positions ; It's not in yet , We should seize this opportunity to enter the arena as soon as possible !

Filecoin The lower the price, the more conducive to ecological development and currency growth , Ecological development promotes FIL Value enhancement , Benign circle , Looking at the crypto token market , Even financial markets like the stock market ,Filecoin It seems to be an encrypted token that is afraid of rising and falling at a certain stage , The decline is happy for the pledged currency , On the main network 1 To 2 We can get enough in this year FIL The amount of money is the most important , It's also a golden investment time , This is a very special existence , That's why ,FIL The currency is destined to continue to strengthen !

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