What are the reasons that make bitcoin a rising monster?

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reasons make bitcoin rising monster

In the last ten days , Bitcoin prices are surging , One breakthrough after another 15000 dollar 、16000 The dollar and 17000 The three dollar round mark .11 month 18 Japan , Bitcoin briefly soared to 18000 Above the dollar , Within the year, the range soared 154%, set up 2017 Highest level in years . Market analyst Mark DeCambre call , Six factors triggered bitcoin's surge in this round . however , Other analysts warn , Bitcoin is still facing severe volatility 、 Market opacity and other risks , And even question its legitimacy . Although it sounds crazy , Especially considering bitcoin (BTC) The rapid growth in the past year , But we think that , The price of bitcoin will go from 6 Ten thousand dollars sum 7 Million dollars soared to 8 Thousands of dollars , It's very reasonable . At the heart of the debate is the rising use of bitcoin , The hash rate keeps rising , The supply is decreasing , But there's more . Bitcoin is spreading like wildfire in the economy , Demand is about to grow exponentially . When bitcoin goes up to 5.9 Ten thousand dollars per hour , We think it's crazy , But now look what it's doing .

Goldman Sachs started offering cryptocurrency —— Investment bank Goldman Sachs announced , Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be available to wealthy customers starting in the second quarter . Although not limited to bitcoin , But this news is a push for bitcoin and the whole encryption market . Goldman Sachs is now the second largest Wall Street bank to offer digital assets , And probably not the last one . Goldman Sachs manages more than 1.8 Trillions of dollars in assets , It's not hard to shake the bitcoin market alone .PayPal Start accepting cryptocurrency for payment ——Paypal Entered cryptocurrency last year , Start with bitcoin 、 Ownership of Ethereum and other major currencies facilitates . Now? , The company allows customers to use cryptocurrency payment services , So as to improve its impact on the market . For those who hold digital assets , Using cryptocurrency for checkout will automatically be displayed as an option . The service will automatically convert digital currency into legal tender when payment is made , Make it the simplest we know 、 The most popular way to use bitcoin .PayPal Have more than 3 Billion customers and 2000 Million active merchant accounts .CME The group launched bitcoin Mini Futures ——CME The group will launch bitcoin Mini Futures , It has yet to be approved by regulators . The value of the new contract will be one tenth that of bitcoin , And allow institutions and traders to hedge their cryptocurrency positions in another way , And profit from short-term price fluctuations . Our conclusion is , There is enough demand for the product to stimulate the move .

Scarcity factor , Bitcoin was born in 2009 year , It's made up of one or more people named Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) Created by , He embedded no more than 2100 Ten thousand bitcoins . This means that only 2100 Bitcoin can exist . at present , Bitcoin in circulation has 1850 over , It accounts for nearly... Of the total circulation 90%. It is estimated that , To achieve 2100 The upper limit of 10000 bitcoin , It also needs to be 120 Over the course of two years “ mining ” The rest 10% Bitcoin . The scarcity or supply constraints of an asset do not magically give it value . But people often think that , There will be less access to bitcoin , Or bitcoin will be in the hands of a certain minority , This is one of the reasons why demand for bitcoin has picked up . Investors are already familiar with bitcoin , Bitcoin is not as prestigious or traditional as other longer lived assets , Including gold . Gold as a means of storing and trading value , Thousands of years of history . however , Supporters of bitcoin say , Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular among ordinary people and institutional investors . Bitcoin is a so-called unrelated asset , And gold 、 bond 、 Dow or S & P 500 There's no direct link between index volatility . The currency As a financial hedging tool , It has triggered some people to buy bitcoin .Binance The U.S. chief executive of Catherine Coley call :“ Derivatives have played a strong role in these markets , Help active traders improve their understanding of market dynamics and core risk management .”Binance It's one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world . The rise of a stable currency , Another factor related to familiarity is currency stability (stablecoins) Appearance , That is, those that are usually associated with fiat money , For example, cryptocurrencies linked to the US dollar or the euro . These currencies are not as volatile as ordinary cryptocurrencies , Because they are linked to the traditional currencies that usually support cryptocurrencies . Experts say , Stable currency has become the main source of liquidity in cryptocurrency market . These coins supported by the government or enterprise groups also add legitimacy to the digital currency industry . It is reported that , The Fed is exploring the possibility of issuing its own digital currency . The British Chancellor of the exchequer also issued a statement , He said Britain is also pushing the idea of a stable currency for its central bank . In the main institutions , J.P. Morgan launched its own blockchain payment system , To create a digital asset linked to the dollar , It's called JPMorgan (JPM coin).

Golden creation 6 Year high , Form linkage with bitcoin , If you're interested in peripheral markets , It should have been found that the dollar weakened last night , Gold has set a record since 2013 year 5 Month high ! Here's the picture ,2017 Old Li once analyzed that gold would soar to 1450 Above the dollar , And set up an early warning on a software , Two years later , Last night we hit the warning price . The correlation between gold and bitcoin's recent volatility has increased , On the one hand, it is because of the entry of traditional financial participants , These people prefer to refer to economic data and the dollar to analyze their priced assets , It also coincides with some data analysis we have done before , The entry of some traditional financial transaction participants , It will gradually make the whole market more diversified , It is also more conducive to the reasonable price of the currency , Like gold , In the long run , Relatively stable ; The other is , To a certain extent, bitcoin can play a little hedging role in public asset allocation . There has been no correlation between the two assets in the past five years .

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