Primary popular science of defi's decentralized development principle

primary popular science defi decentralized

DeFi It's English DecentralizedFinance Abbreviation , The translation is to go to the financial center , Throughout the development of cryptocurrency , The evolution of cryptocurrency is accompanied by chaos and hope

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Difi yes 2019 One of the most popular topics in the field of blockchain .Linktobit( Chain coin ) Zou champion, executive director of the Asia Pacific Research Institute, once said publicly that :DeFi It must be the future , Because it's security 、 The best combination of privacy and efficiency . Developed in the traditional financial system , Financial services include financing and investment 、 savings 、 credit 、 Settlement 、 Securities trading 、 Commercial insurance and financial information consulting business , They are all provided by centralized financial institutions for users .

  Users who want to use these services have to go through financial institutions , And accept the complicated terms of financial institutions . With the development of blockchain DeFi Through point-to-point financing to solve these problems faced by the current financial institutions , Complete financial services and create financial assets without any agency risk , Provide financial investment opportunities .

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes it possible for wealth to circulate freely , and Difi The emergence of a decentralized financial system meets the needs of people , Let wealth now be at your disposal .

  In French “Defi” signify “ Challenge ”, And decentralized finance means the same to finance as when all great technologies were just born , There must be challenges to overcome , But we still think Difi At present, it is one of the most promising development prospects of blockchain .

DeFi be relative to CeFi Our innovation is mainly reflected in 3 In terms of :

technical progress :DeFi The biggest difference is that it's based on blockchains and smart contracts , But he is not using blockchain technology to support centralized financial services , It's about moving the products and models of traditional financial services to the blockchain / On top of smart contracts .

 DeFi The technology itself has brought new value to the financial industry , For example, the business model of mortgage lending also exists in traditional finance , but DeFi The transparency of China's capital pool prevents the moral hazard held by centralized institutions , It gives participants confidence , So the size of the market will expand , Bring more liquidity . And asset size and liquidity are actually the essence of the financial industry , therefore DeFi Our mortgage lending platform is not just a technological innovation , It will also bring about great changes at the market level .

  Product innovation :DeFi There are generals in China CeFi There are already migrated products in , There are also new products created independently , Like smart contract insurance , The subject of insurance is the security of smart contracts , In this way, market participants can be protected from the losses caused by hacker attacks . This kind of insurance is in the stage of loss determination and claim settlement , It can be executed accurately according to the smart contract , And proof of insurance ( That's the insurance policy ) yes token " , So it can be transferred , Form a secondary market for insurance . thus , The insurance industry will also expand due to the emergence of the secondary market 、 The effect of increased liquidity , meanwhile , The secondary market will also price the risk more precisely , Fundamentally affect the insurance industry /DeFi technology I37 System 6746 Development OI49DeFi It won't be a flash in the pan , It opens the first step of the public chain landing .

Model change :DeFi On the basis of technology and products , Realized the market 、 agreement 、 Get through all the assets , Like Lego blocks , This ecological model is in CeFi It's very difficult to achieve , because CeFi Our markets are basically independent of each other , Assets are relatively isolated . Later, we will discuss from these three perspectives DeFi Value created .

through DeFi The landing product of the decentralized blockchain world . With the further improvement of infrastructure , The landing of public chain will be better and better , It will be divided into four stages :

The first step is to DeFi Open the prologue of public chain landing ; The second step is DeFi The direction of our agreement DAO turn ; The third step is when the basic performance reaches a certain level Dapp In the fall to the ground ; The fourth step is DAO The full landing of .

This paper is written by mkz888z Organize and publish

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