Quantitative strategy development system popular science knowledge

quantitative strategy development popular science

What is the market value management robot system ? How to develop market making

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Quantitative automatic trading software is mainly for digital asset development users to provide automatic trading services , Users can host the platform account on the quantitative platform , The platform can automatically move bricks for users through big data analysis .  

In quantitative trading, profit strategy needs to be set and executed manually , Different levels of people set up and implement the effect is not the same , Therefore, quantitative hedging trading tools can not be regarded as a risk-free or low-risk operation , Tools help , Well used, well earned , If you don't use it well, you will still lose money .

The market divides quantitative trading into the following categories : Systematic trading 、 Algorithmic Trading 、 Procedural trading and mechanical trading, etc , The first three models are common in the market .

1. Systematic trading refers to investors quantifying trading ideas into trading systems , Trading according to system indicators ;

2. Algorithmic trading is the use of electronic platforms , Enter the trading order involving the algorithm , To execute a pre-set trading strategy , Instructions contain variables , Including time , Price , Trading volume, etc , Widely used in block trading ;

3. Procedural trading is to transform investors' complicated trading ideas into an intelligent trading system that can be operated easily , For investors to strictly enforce .

The advantages of quantitative trading are mainly reflected in the removal of the operational errors caused by irrational decision-making caused by subjective emotional fluctuations of investors , And using big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies have found out the trading mode that can bring excess returns with high probability , Make investment behavior more disciplined and systematic ;

On the other hand , Automated procedures for quantitative trading are more timely than manual operations 、 Efficient , Especially when the market fluctuates , High quality quantitative investment strategy can grasp the opportunity more accurately .

This paper is written by mkz888z Organize and publish

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