Why is sumswap's unique stacking mechanism so popular?

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sumswap unique stacking mechanism popular


DeFi The biggest part of the ecological explosion , The most direct beneficiaries are decentralized exchanges (DEX).  DEX Gradually into the public eye , More and more new users are pouring in . Besides , rely on Defi Liquidity mining and other ways , Loans and transactions generated through locking and pledge have become the mainstream game mode of blockchain finance , Will promote DEX Rapid expansion of quantity and financial base . Besides , With the iteration of blockchain Technology , The optimization of public chain performance and “ De centralization ” The concept of the concept has been deeply rooted in people's hearts . The demand for decentralized switching is also increasing , This is also for DEX The development of provides a good user base .  


however , For most new DeFi For users , Current DEX There are two main drawbacks to experience : Low transaction speed and high transaction cost . at present , With Uniswap and Sushiswap Wait for the leading DEX Representative DEX It's all based on Ethereum . The performance of Ethereum public chain and high handling charges have been hindering Defi and DEX On a large scale .  


however ,DeFi Technology upgrade to DEX Provides a broader perspective . With ETH2.0 The smooth progress of , These problems are gradually improving .  Layer2, Slice and POS Consensus provides a good solution . meanwhile , With ETH2.0 Technology iteration of , The foundation for supporting decentralized finance is getting better and better , The foundation of decentralization is getting stronger and stronger . Just recently , A British blockchain company called “ SumSwap” The blockchain company of the innovative decentralization protocol innovates again through technology and mathematical algorithm , Inspired the whole world DeFi Passion in the field , And it has great potential to start Prairie fire .

SumSwap It was built by UK blockchain companies , Since it hasn't officially opened to the market , Some people think it is “ Standing on the shoulders of giants ” Of DEX,SumSwap Set up the strengths of a hundred schools , Make up for the shortcomings of a hundred families , stay Uniswap and Sushiswap On the basis of success , And then through innovative integration DeFi Excellent algorithm , To create a pioneering decentralized financial product ! On 3 month 29 Japan 9:00(UTC+8) Officially opened


SumSwap It's a full show “ The beauty of Mathematics ” Innovative decentralization protocol based on . As a decentralized exchange based on Mathematical Innovation , Its symbol is integral symbol in mathematics , The integral from zero to infinity , It means that you will DeFi All kinds of excellent algorithms in the field are integrated .SumSwap Using integral as Totem , Vision integrates the excellent mathematical innovation of blockchain , To achieve a real mathematics is the law 、 Code is the blockchain world of law .


It uses the constant product algorithm and AMM Market making and marketing staking Three modes of mechanism , We have created a circular economic model for specific index issuance , In general AMM Under the background of market making mechanism and constant product algorithm , And because it has a special mathematical design mechanism , Let it be scientific and rigorous in the distribution of pass release , Each step of the release will be allocated strictly according to the algorithm .


(1) Constant product trading


Constant product :xy=k, You can trade directly without matching the order book


(2)AMM Liquidity mining


To increase the constant product X and y The number of , The user can inject the same proportion into the flow pool x Coin and y Money can increase the liquidity of the whole system , At the same time, we get the bonus of transaction fee and platform currency mining reward


(3)staking Mechanism


Money holding staking: Daily output of pass 40% For holding money staking


ecology staking: Daily output of pass 40/5 For Ecology staking


At the same time, it has three characteristics :


(1) Safe and transparent : All transactions are done on the Ethereum chain , System security audit , Transaction data link , It's on the chain , Realize the security and transparency of the whole system


(2) Strong expansibility : Using holding currency staking Combining ecology staking The design of the , Users hold SUM Pass and share SUM Pass can get income , Rules have a strong ability to expand .


(3) Asset security : Different from the centralized exchange ,SumSwap Do not touch any assets of users , The whole process is always in the charge of the user who holds the private key .


About SUM The principle of pre excavation distribution in the project


A good pass issuing algorithm is an important factor in the success of a project ,SUM Using the base index model , Total issue 3.2 Million pieces , Pre excavation 3200 Ten thousand mother coins , The remaining 2.88 It is released in five stages , According to the different product of the original benchmark number in different stages, different quantities of SUM.

The specific pre excavation allocation principles are as follows :


(1) Node pre-sale


800 over SUM For node pre-sale ,SumSwap To set up 400 Nodes , If you succeed in becoming a node, you can get 2 over SUM And enjoy the relevant rights and interests of the node .


(2) Member pre-sale


1600 over SUM For member pre-sale , The largest number of members 3000, You can get the lowest income if you become a member successfully 0.75USDT/SUM, And enjoy the rights and interests of members .


(3) Flow pool reservation


800 over SUM For flow pool reservation , This part of developers inject a certain amount of SUM To the beginning SUM/USDT Mobile pool , The remaining SUM Extend developers to other businesses


About Node pre-sale


SumSwap The node pre-sale stage is Sum An important play officially on the stage , Because in SumSwap Before it's officially launched , According to the official advance notice information , The basic node structure is formed SumSwap An important link in the future ecological development , Not only enjoy the rights and interests related to nodes , They can also participate in community development ecology ,


Participate in SumSwap The pre purchase of nodes can be roughly divided into obtaining SUM、 Activate account 、 Invite users 、 Four steps , Connect your wallet , Follow the prompts to complete the operation , Each step is explained in detail , Even for the first time DeFi Users of the project can also quickly understand the operation process .


( One ) According to project planning ,Sum Set up 400 Nodes , The following rights and interests can be obtained by successfully subscribing to the node :


1. Early layout of ecology staking The right to


2. Each node sends 20000 individual SUM


3.sumswap Exchange Commission Profit Dividend


Node subscription process :


① obtain SUM: Input through Ethereum wallet software :app.sumswap.org, Get into SumSwap Home page , Click to get Sum, Then the contract is transferred. 0.1ETH Back to user address Sum.


② Account activation : adopt SumSwap Community found activated address , Paste the activation address above the activation , Click to activate , Then the contract call is transferred to the activation address 0.01Sum, Your address will be activated .


③ Invite competition : When the address is activated , You can invite other users to join the personal ecology , When more than ten people activate through your address , Will be able to participate in node pre-sale .


④ Subscription node : After completing the invitation contest, enter the node pre-sale page , Transfer in as required 10000USDT, It becomes a node successfully .


( Two ) Project meeting settings 3000 Members , Successful subscription of members can also obtain the following benefits :


1. Early layout of ecology staking The right to ,


2. Each member delivers sum


3. sumswap Exchange offers


Member subscription process :


① Activate : When you get Sum after , Paste the active address to activate the text box , Click activation to invoke contract transfer. 0.01Sum, Completion and activation ( notes : The activated recommendation relationship can be used for ecological Staking dig ).


② subscription : After the node pre-sale, enter the member pre-sale page , Transfer the activated address to the member's pre-sale address ≥4000USDT, After successful transfer, the subscription will be completed .


③ end : Members are sold out in advance 3000 Person or process 486000 Block end , Total subscription amount ≥3000X4000USDT when , Press “ Total membership subscription USDT/1600 ten thousand ”/Sum Settlement .( If not 3000 people , For each 0.75USDT/Sum Settlement ).


SumSwap On the design of pass planning , The focus of single incentive mode for users and dilution of miners' share in the early stage has been eliminated , It's not just about dividing up transaction fees , Also let SumSwap Long term holding of can follow the development of the platform to obtain more growth income , Improving project sustainability .


As an early participant SumSwap Nodes of ecological layout , Its participation weight is definitely higher than that of ordinary users , The node has its own aura, which makes it more important in the community , In determining the future direction of community development , Will also have a higher voice , Can participate in the early development of the project more deeply , And the benefit of this result is , They can get more dividend opportunities from project development , Enjoy the benefits of project development .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 13650     593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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