Quantitative Trading Robot

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quantitative trading robot

Quantitative Trading Robot

The types of quantitative trading robots

  1. Quantitative Trading Robot as a software , Interact directly with the exchange ( Usually use API Get and interpret relevant information ).
  2. Robots trade on a cryptocurrency exchange , Buy money at a lower price , And sell it at a higher price , In order to get income .
  3. The control robot is the same robot , They only trade on a few exchanges , By buying money at a lower exchange rate , Sell money on a higher exchange , Use these exchange rate differences to control .
  4. Create market —— In order to implement the strategy of creating market , We have to set a price limit near the current market level . When prices fluctuate , Trading robots monitor and Trade , Bring the price back to the current level , Especially when the market liquidity is low , Robots do business , Increase market liquidity .

Quantify the advantages of robots

  1. Reduced mood swings . Although people who use robots will know when to intervene , When not to intervene , But quantitative robots don't fluctuate because of people's psychological changes .
  2. Robots react faster than humans . When there's a trade signal , Robots don't hesitate to buy or sell . But users may question trading signals , And miss the opportunity .
  3. Quantitative trading is also a popular trading method in the market , Quantitative trading robots can provide more platforms .
  4. Quantitative robots can monitor more markets than people .
  5. Once the policy is automated , It can be easily tested under different market conditions .
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