Blockchain development platform: the impact of blockchain technology on the future

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Blockchain Technology 2015 It began to attract international attention in , Many large and medium-sized enterprises , Including Goldman Sachs 、 Citibank 、 Bank of England 、 The US central bank and other institutions have invested in the blockchain , therefore ,2015 Year is also known as the first year of blockchain .2016 year 1 month 20 Japan , An article entitled “ People's Bank of China ‘ Digital currency ’ The seminar was held in Beijing ” News of , So that domestic attention to blockchain is also heating up rapidly .


With blockchain Technology , We can imagine in a new Internet world , Contracts are stored in a transparent shared database in the form of digital programming , It won't be deleted 、 Be tampered with 、 Revised . In such a world , Every agreement 、 Every process 、 Every task and every payment has a digital record and can be identified 、 verification 、 Store and share digital signatures . Such as lawyers 、 Intermediaries like brokers and bankers are no longer necessary . individual 、 organization 、 Machines and algorithms are free to 、 Interact and trade with each other without friction , This is the infinite potential of blockchain .


I believe many people have heard that blockchain will bring revolutionary influence to enterprises , Will redefine business and the economy . We really can't deny the huge potential of blockchain Technology , But years of experience with technological innovation tell us , If there is a blockchain revolution in the future , There are also many obstacles , Like technology 、 government 、 Organizational and social barriers . Rash application of blockchain technology innovation before a thorough understanding of blockchain is likely to lead to a big mistake .


therefore , We should realize objectively that , It will take many years for blockchain to really bring changes to enterprises and governments . Because blockchain is not a “ Subversive ” technology , Disruptive technologies can impact traditional business models with low-cost solutions , At the same time, it can quickly replace traditional enterprises . By contrast , Blockchain is more like a basic technology , It has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems . The process of blockchain popularization will be gradual , I believe its impact will be very extensive , But it's going to take decades or even longer to penetrate the economic and social infrastructure to a considerable extent .


Blockchain technology was initially used as the basic technology of bitcoin , Therefore, most of our discussion on the details of blockchain technology is about the design of bitcoin project . But technology is interlinked , If you know something about infrastructure , It's also easier to understand the technology improvement and application evolution .

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