Pleasant Jinke: blockchain dual chain structure to solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises

pleasant jinke blockchain dual chain

I learned that , As the single financing amount of small and micro enterprises is small , Objectively, the cost of each financing is high , At the same time, small and micro enterprises are greatly affected by the economic environment , The risk is high . therefore , There are financial technology enabled online loans 、 Loan aid , And small loan companies and other non bank institutions , It has become a powerful supplement to bank loans . From the perspective of economic development trend , China's economy will continue to develop in the future , High growth sectors will certainly shift from state-owned enterprises to private enterprises , Among them, small and micro enterprises will become the new engine of China's economic development , The market that provides financing for small and micro businesses is a blue ocean .

In terms of financing for SMEs , Through supply chain finance , Core enterprises can ease the financial pressure , Upstream and downstream enterprises can solve the problem of capital liquidity , Banks and factoring can also obtain assets with relatively controllable risks . But because of the receivables 、 Advance charge , And logistics and warehousing , chain 、 There are many trading nodes , The commonness of supply chain finance and blockchain is highlighted , Therefore, it has also become the first important application scenario for blockchain technology .

Long ago , Yiqi cloud service, an enterprise level financial services cloud platform of Yiren Jinke, starts the exploration and application of blockchain technology , And in 2016 year 11 Yiqi cloud service blockchain laboratory was established in June , Provide a variety of smart contract based services , Provide more convenient financial services for enterprises in financing and payment end .2018 year 6 month , Pleasant Jinke officially released Blockworm BaaS Blockchain cloud platform , And open free trial to enterprise end customers . And pleasant Jinke Blockworm BaaS The official launch of the platform , Become “ Blockchain + Supply chain finance ” The landmark case of commercial landing .

The platform applies the patent technology of blockchain dual chain structure to the field of supply chain finance . according to the understanding of , The supply chain financial control system based on blockchain technology and dual chain structure announced by Yiren Jinke , Be able to record the real production process and circulation process of financing assets , Enable participants to trace the original information generated by the asset , And it is convenient for the management to set the authority , At the same time, participants are allowed to join only one of the authorized blockchains , The data can be split and stored quickly .

The realization of this technology brings great value , First of all, the financing threshold has been lowered . Based on the real transaction data in the supply chain scenario , By introducing blockchain technology, information can not be tampered with , Ensure data authenticity , Fundamentally reduce the financing threshold of growth enterprises . secondly , Improve financing efficiency . Using blockchain Technology , Information flow 、 logistics 、 Capital flow and business flow are freely transferred on the blockchain platform , All the data are available 、 Traceability , Ensure the authenticity of assets and data , Greatly improve the financing efficiency of supply chain finance . Third , Intelligent risk management and control can be realized . Although supply chain financing can effectively avoid the credit risk of a single enterprise , But at present, the credit system is not perfect , At the same time, there is the problem of information asymmetry , Risk cannot be eliminated completely . Using blockchain to realize the point-to-point communication of all parties in the supply chain , Integrate the upstream and downstream information of the supply chain , Effectively reduce the pre loan investigation 、 In loan review and post loan risk management . Fourth , Accumulated credit assets . Blockchain can help enterprises establish their own data sovereignty , Generate your own credit assets . With the multi-party participation of supply chain finance and the tamper proof of blockchain 、 The characteristics of national records , It can realize multi-party authentication of credit assets .

In addition to financial support , It is also very important to do a good job in supporting capacity building of small and micro enterprises . When doing small and micro enterprise loan business , First of all, we need to confirm that our customers have the ability to create value continuously , secondly , Help customers do a good job in capacity building , Do a good job of training .

Jinke proposed that “ Inclusive Finance is a three-step process ”: The first step is to solve the problem of small and micro enterprises “ To be straitened for money ” Bottleneck ; The second step is to use financial solutions other than lending to help small and micro businesses improve their financial capabilities ; The third step is to use other software 、 Enterprises SaaS Cloud platform solutions , Help small and micro enterprises to better develop their business .

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