Ngkex becomes the first choice for investors to lay out defi track

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ngkex choice investors lay defi

From the perspective of the whole big industry , With the industry booming , The bubbles are moving up and down ,DeFi All will be the core plate throughout the future for a long time , especially DeFi The emergence of liquidity mining , Let traffic surge dozens of times , The capital of the whole market has increased by a large margin , The market dividend will be directly full .NGK Ecological Institute Embrace at this time DeFi No wonder , stay DeFi On the track ,DEX It's standard for every chain , It's also DeFi Infrastructure of .


Traditional centralized exchanges are hard to resist DEX The effect of creating wealth , therefore about Go to The central exchange wants to break through in the industry , Self change is far more promising than waiting to die . Plus before NGK We launched a mobile mining project Baccarat, So we have every reason to guess NGK Of DEX It also has hug DEFI The possibility of .

Since I want to do DEX, that NGK A number of liquidity pools with incentives will be set up in advance , Get users involved , At the same time, the use of mobile mining output token reward , This token represents the whole NGKEX Potential benefits , It can capture part of the cost of the agreement over the long term , Even if part Early liquidity providers no longer provided liquidity for agreements , What they got from their early mining Tokens, It can also continue to capture the long-term value of the agreement . This token incentive model , Tie early liquidity providers to the long-term benefits of the agreement .


Distribute tokens to speculators who want to accumulate tokens ,NGK It leads to a liquid initial market , The liquidity provider can also obtain the corresponding Token dividends . meanwhile , It is very likely that a certain percentage of the handling charge will be used to buy in the market NGK Tokens, , that NGK It will have more mining value than other tokens , Because the very important revenue source of the governance token is the handling fee , When a lot of money chooses to mine , Users will also get more commission dividends .


As a stable and sustainable development of the central exchange , Then it should also have a traditional platform Token The logic of appreciation : Buy back destroys deflation Mechanism . Because for every one trading platform Come on , As long as the business of the exchange grows , platform Token The logic of value growth has not changed , Under the influence of continuous repo , platform Token take Steady growth every year .NGK In this way, it is very likely to have two stable buybacks , The increase in value is a double increase .


And so far ,NGK The pricing of energy will be replaced by the energy progress bar . The more energy , The smaller the number of coins in circulation , To ensure that NGK Price stability .NGK Development This kind of New ecology 、 New play , Comprehensive optimization Existing ecology , to Investors bring Better experience .

For users , The future represents DeFi Prosperity ,DeFi In the process of prosperity of , Token value It's the primary productive force , Who owns it , Who will stay in Diaoyutai . Think back to the summer when liquidity mining just started last year ,YFI,YAM,Sushi,Uni They have become hot Productivity , Leading investors race each other . from at present All sorts of signs ,NGK Most likely from NGK platform Token, To become a shining market First productivity , And then NGKEX Will be the most influential DEX. How exactly? Let's wait and see .

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