Detailed explanation of martingale strategy quantitative trading system (source code construction)

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detailed explanation martingale strategy quantitative

Martingale's strategy is an ancient trading wisdom . It has been used in the game since ancient times , In financial transactions and games , Is one of the most common and fundamental strategies , It's called “ Never pay ” The trading strategy of . Its operating principle is to increase positions after losses , After a period of withdrawal, continue to add positions , Add positions repeatedly , Waiting for a fallback , Even out all the losses . So Martin will not lose money is the core of the market return and enough funds to withstand the withdrawal loss , Until the last turn .

Martin's tracking is Vtrading One of the free quantification strategies , For martingale strategy and trend tracking combined trading model , When the market goes down , According to the configuration, we will continue to increase the purchase , Lower the cost , When the market returns, it will be sold at one time according to the allocated income , It comes from martingale's strategy , But better than martingale's strategy , Through parameter configuration , Reduce the market withdrawal loss , Colleagues combined with trend tracking to improve Yinghe control .

Martin tracking is divided into “ Customize ” and “ Multi currency pair ” Two boot types :

  1. Custom boot Macy boot specific currency pair , The investment is for the exclusive use of the currency pair , All transactions belong to the currency pair , The parameters can be modified after the policy is started ;
  2. Multiple currency pairs can be activated by one button , All currency pairs share the investment , The transaction probability of each currency pair is determined by the market situation , Add or delete currency pairs after startup , The parameter of a currency pair can be modified independently , Parameters can also be modified globally

The following points need to be made clear when using Martin tracking :

  1. Martin strategy is different from grid transaction , Martin's tracking is triggered by the market and takes the order directly , Therefore, Martin has certain requirements for currency tracking and transaction depth , Therefore, Martin tracking strategy basically does not appear in advance of the limit order .
  2. Martin's tracking investment only supports the gold standard , It means using Martin to track the right currency pair for a bullish market , My colleagues have to wait for the market to trigger the transaction , Therefore, in order to improve the utilization rate of funds and income opportunities, it is suggested to use the multi currency mode .
  3. Martin tracking set the first order amount to meet the minimum trading volume limit of the exchange , The amount is below the exchange limit , The policy cannot be executed properly . If the investment is small , It is suggested that the amount multiple be set to 1.


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