The value of quantitative trading system development comes from blockchain technology

value quantitative trading development comes

essentially , The trading robot is a software program , It interacts directly with financial exchanges ( Usually use API Get and interpret relevant information ), And according to the interpretation of the market data to send sales orders .

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These robots monitor market price trends , And react according to a set of pre-set and programmed rules , To make these decisions . Usually , A trading robot will analyze market behavior , For example, trading volume 、 Order 、 Price and time , They can usually be programmed according to your own preferences .
After the first year of quantitative investment , Many relevant professionals who are interested in this have joined the development camp of quantitative investment strategy , Relative to limited asset management institutions and product demand , There is a phased surplus of talent and strategy , We need a way out .

Quantitative trading is just looking for valuation depression , Through comprehensive 、 Systematic scanning captures mispricing 、 The opportunity of miscalculation .

Quantitative automatic robot is a full-automatic intelligent quantitative robot , At the same time, it also cooperates with well-known exchanges at home and abroad ZB, Fire money , Currency security ,okex,gate And so on , Compatible with major mainstream platforms , Strive for simultaneous operation of all currencies , Automatic trading , Without human intervention , You can make money automatically , Core intelligent quantization technology + The core algorithm , Cloud big data computing replenishment room

Quantitative trading requires investment decisions to be made in strict accordance with established logic , Every operation is supported by data and model , This can overcome the emotional fluctuations caused by manual trading 、 Subjective assumption 、 Fear and fluke .

summary : Blockchain provides a new type of social trust mechanism , It has laid a new foundation for the development of digital economy ,“ Blockchain +” Application of innovation , It shows the new direction of industrial innovation and public service .

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