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free anonymous bidding eftalk


Decentralized bidding ——Initial Decentralized Bid Offering(IDBO) yes EGG NETWORK It pioneered the most objective and humanized circulation mechanism in history , Not one of them. !


EGG NETWORK Aggregate perpetual motion Finance , With “ Full open autonomy ” The only standard for building New-DeFi Chain ecology , from EFTalk Encrypted social constant price traffic pass EFT, Go to the public chain EGG, All adopt the distribution mechanism of community autonomy consensus , Put an end to human manipulation ,EFT This is based on the development trend of the community's overall traffic system , And the consensus created by the community's payment behavior is realized by data fission , be based on “ Barrett paid ” The laws of , By smart contract 1:0.8 Times more , To maintain the stickiness of the whole user Ecology , At the same time, the constant value is about 0.1511 USD Properties of , Meet the rigid demand of payment in multi-dimensional scenarios , differ USDT With the endorsement of the third party Teda Company to realize the issuance circulation ,EFT The market value of the SEO comes from the development of the payment ecological scene by the overall user flow , And the true value of the consensus sermon , There are no bubbles and are in a state of equilibrium .


Blockchain project early ICO market chaotic , Price chaos , A lot of chips are in the hands of a few institutions , So many users can't participate in ICO, So , stay 2017-2018 During the year , agent ICO It has become a new means of profit , Many people get a lot of low price chips from the project side , Sell it to ordinary investors with price increases , Many ordinary investors often get token prices far beyond the project side ICO Offering price , Even some project parties want to get benefits quickly , Over issuance of tokens , It leads to too many tokens in the market , It directly leads to the phenomenon of breaking when it goes online .


IEO Issued by the exchange , The exchange collects tokens to issue , go online , One stop trading service , Too much power , Data fraud occurs from time to time , Some exchanges operate through internal data , Get a lot of cheap chips , Ordinary consumers become spectators ,IEO It became an exchange , The project side's hype .


So ,EGG NETWORK To solve the pain point of traditional distribution , Innovation leads to “ Free and anonymous bidding ” The way , Give Way EGG Circulation in the market , The purpose of this is to eliminate the unilateral dominance formed by centralized control , Everyone has the right to express his mind to EGG The value of , so to speak “ Online is value ”, Through a lot of bidding data, we can see that EGG The truest value , This way of bidding , We really put the development right and value of the project into the hands of the community , It's up to the community to decide the value of the project 、 Direction of development 、 Core areas, etc .


At the same time, ecology is highly compatible with each other ,EFT It's bidding EGG The first condition of , Make sure that every ecology is linked to each other , Form a strong circulation loop , Equipped with EDEX, Passed in the early stage EDEX Realize the circulation and trade of the secondary market , At the same time, it is also a good way to stabilize the pass price , Avoid the break of centralized exchanges 、 Manipulation of currency prices, etc , There will be a lot of EGG Wealth gives more users , In the later stage, what can be done effectively “ Separation of powers ” The situation of , There won't be too much wealth in the hands of a few , Effectively avoid a series of malicious phenomena in the later period !


EGG NETWORK Already open New-DeFi The gate of the era of autonomy , There will be more in the future New-DeFi Ecological construction , For example, annihilating mining machine to realize the value of asset integration ,NFT One click on the standard chain to ensure the user's open autonomy , Chain payment applications, etc , Let's look forward to EGG NETWORK Mining docking pursuit 188200 Number 092 Bring a new vision to the blockchain industry , Leading the new business pattern on the chain .

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