Blockchain Exchange Development - explanation of mainstream languages and core advantages

blockchain exchange development explanation mainstream

The digital asset exchange investment market can be said to be changing rapidly , Anything can happen in any second , There have been many examples of investment before , Just because a few days or hours go wrong with a lot of wealth .

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From absolute centralization to absolute decentralization , There are a lot of variations . To really understand whether an exchange is centralized or decentralized , All the variations have to be considered .
In a perfect decentralized exchange , Users will have control over their money . The goal of a decentralized exchange is to directly build a 「 Individual to individual 」 The market of .

Money isn't being channeled to an exchange or wallet owned by a single platform or institution : contrary , Orders and transactions take place on the blockchain . As a result, , There is no middleman fee , Assets are not affected by hackers , And users really have control of the assets .

The advantage of exchange on the blockchain is that the exchange does not hold a large amount of cryptocurrency , All cryptocurrencies will be stored on the blockchain and controlled by users' wallets or smart contracts .

Centralized exchanges usually do not disclose the source code of trading details , In fact, only its insiders can know how to operate . Open smart contracts maintain the transparency and security of the transaction process , Even if there is profit in the split, it will also be disclosed on the blockchain .

I've never eaten pork and I've seen pigs run , Digital currency exchange is the exchange of digital currencies 、 A platform for matching transactions between digital currency and French currency , It is the main place to determine the price of digital currency , At the same time, it also undertakes the responsibility of securities companies 、 underwriter 、 The role of market makers and even regulators .

The profit model of the exchange is relatively clear —— similar “ pump ” Our business model has also proved to be one of the best in the world .

Users have absolute control over their assets , The exchange's technology orders will eventually be linked through the blockchain smart contract , It ensures the transparency of the transaction , Greatly reduce the cost of users' trust in the exchange , But there are also problems with the user experience 、 Liquidity is not strong 、 Legal currency exchange and other issues .

But with the gradual maturity of the underlying technology of blockchain , The trading experience of a decentralized exchange 、 Trading speed and other aspects will also be improved and strengthened , therefore , There is still great potential for the development of the whole decentralized exchange industry , The de centralization and de centralization of exchanges will coexist for quite a long time .

So here comes the question , As an exchange , The ultimate goal is to make money , In order to maximize profits , How it needs to work .
The needs of exchanges

We only aim at the trading needs of users , The transaction fee charged by the platform is to provide users with the benefits brought by these needs , It's also the main source of profits .

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summary : Central exchange's fund custody 、 Deal matching 、 Settlement and clearing are all done by the exchange , And decentralized exchange assets are controlled by users , Only deal matching 、 On the chain, asset clearing and settlement, etc .

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