Filecoin information: fil value estimation

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filecoin information fil value estimation

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Recently with FIL The soaring price , Some people in the industry are interested in Filecoin The value of .

  1. According to medkaff's law The more users and nodes , The more value it produces . for example Didi orders 100 million a day , Every single 10 One billion yuan is one billion yuan , The Internet effect is exponential .Filecoin The community exceed 10 times ,BTC Our active community is five million , The highest market value is one trillion , if Filecoin It's a trillion , Divided by the amount dug up in the first year 1.52 Million pieces , Each one is :6500 element ( A year later )
  2. Juan 2020 year Proposed The goal of storing orders is to save one ZB

One ZB= One trillion GB Capacity ,( One GB The cost of storage is about... A year 1.44 element , It's one dollar ) Divided by the first year 1.52 Million pieces , The single price is :6500 element ( A year later ).

  1. By calculating the cost of cloud services

according to IBM It is estimated that 2023 The annual cost of cloud services will reach 100 trillion . In three years , Even if it's distributed to distributed storage 30 One trillion , In those three years FIL There are about 4 Million pieces ,30 Trillions divided by 4 One hundred million is :7.5 In case FIL(3 Years later ).

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