Behind the miners' protest caused by the rapid rise of the market value of filecoin

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miners protest caused rapid rise

recently ,FIL The price has hit new highs , When the onlookers regret not coming in , There was a dramatic scene in the community , Many miners asked the government to come in and regulate the currency price , Ask for a break !V|IPFS_KF818

This is the first time in the digital currency industry , It's amazing . But the miners have to package , After all, no matter how high the cost , The days have to go on .

Since the beginning of the year ,FIL It's like a rocket , Rising in an incredible way , Years ago FIL Have been wandering in 20 About $ , Up to today, it has broken through 150 dollar , Up to 650% Outside of , Relying on this strong performance, let Filecoin Push other blockchain projects , Be the black horse in all projects .

at present , Just FIL For investors , Mainly divided into the holder and FIL Two groups of miners , Although both belong to FIL investors , But both FIL The destination and the final harvest of this project are not the same .

In the investment market , Both traditional finance and blockchain finance have something in common : Want to hold a product for a long time , You have to be patient , It's a great test for the holder .

One can get rich and avoid risks , You can make a big bet , This is the most basic human nature , When you are faced with the increase of dozens or even hundreds of times , It's hard to control yourself . For holding FIL The same is true of . If you bought it yourself from the secondary market , When you're faced with tens of times or tens of times increase , It's hard to persuade yourself to hold on , Because there is always the cost of buying money in your mind , So thinking about the concept of huiben . And mining is the mining machine you invest in , Miner's coin production is a continuous process 、 Long term behavior , The first mock exam is a fuzzy model , So it's easier to hold it for a long time , They have different modes of thinking , Natural cause and effect are different .

In the long run , Although the time dimension of mining is longer than that of currency speculation , But the long-term benefits of the two are very different . Because mining opportunities continue to grow every day , And with the appreciation of the currency , There will be compound interest growth . So , It's a pleasure to fry money , Mining is long-term . But all blockchain projects have one thing in common , It's a good time to enter . The longer the project goes online , Admission costs will gradually increase , Until the cost is high enough , Completely cut off access for ordinary people . This can be concluded by comparing bitcoin ten years ago with Ethereum seven years ago . The cost of bitcoin and Ethereum today is higher than that of the early days , Whether it's buying money or investing in mining, the two are not in the same order of magnitude .

Although since the beginning of the new year FIL Prices skyrocketed , But for the miners , It's not even a starter , Otherwise, it will not appear FIL Prices are rising too fast . Although the early miners have been paid dividends , But at the moment Filecoin The process of , It's just the beginning .

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