Nine cities add filecoin again, and fil achieves a value breakthrough of 1000 yuan / piece

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cities add filecoin fil achieves

It was only one night ,Filecoin In our sleep, from 120 The dollar broke through to 150 dollar , Easy to finish 1000 The grand pass of yuan ,Filecoin The market value of blockchain projects has also come to the eighth place in the market value of blockchain projects .V|IPFS_KF818

According to the latest news , NASDAQ listed companies in the ninth city since 2 Monthly investment 1000 Ten thousand dollars Filecoin since , Add the weight again Filecoin. Jiucheng announced that it has signed a contract with a mining machinery service provider 200 The $10000 server purchase is the operation hosting agreement , Buy... Again Filecoin Mining machine server cluster and technical services . It's made up of nine cities Filecoin The overall situation of long-term mining , In the hope of Filecoin In the early days of rapid development, deep cultivation Filecoin field .

At present, nine cities are already Filecoin There are independent nodes in the network , Co ownership 8P Efficient storage of computing power , When both agreements are completed , Nine cities will have more than 80P Calculate the force .

Filecoin Once the blockchain project is successfully implemented , It will build an open source distributed storage network ,FIL As the circulating currency of the network , The client's documents are paid through FIL It can be stored in Filecoin In the network .

Nine cities say , be based on Filecoin The advanced technology and the continuous expansion of future application scenarios , And recently Filecoin Positive price trends , about Filecoin The development of ecology remains optimistic . So I decided to add weight to Filecoin Investment in , Continuous increase Filecoin Calculate the force , As an important strategic measure of digital currency business in Jiucheng .

In Jiucheng's annual report, he said : This year will buy more than 1 Billion dollars in bitcoin and Filecoin mill , Has been with the bit continent 、 Bit micro, etc

3 month 30 Daily news , The ninth city opened yesterday to SEC Submitted 2020 It was revealed in the annual financial report that 2021 It will spend more than 1 Billion dollars to buy bitcoin and Filecoin mill .

Among them, we have paid to bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd 140 Ten thousand US dollars deposit within one year 5000 The preemptive right of taishenma mining machinery , We have bought 922 platform ; Book to bitland 24000 platform S19j Ant miner , The total consideration is 8280 Thousands of dollars , The miner will come from 2021 year 11 Month delivery ; By issuing 36,554,940 stocks A Class a common stock to 14 A total of 44748 Bitcoin machines .

If global power remains stable ,2022 year 10 After the delivery of all the bitcoin machines purchased by the company in June, its total power will reach 3558PH/s, In the next year and a half, the accumulated mining revenue will reach 5200 Bitcoin .

stay Filecoin In the network , It has been associated with Filecoin Miner suppliers reach a framework agreement , And the first batch of 110 Thousands of dollars in Filecoin The purchase of mining machinery , And continue to buy depending on the follow-up situation .

According to the present Filecoin The growth of our computing power , To 2022 year 8 month , This 8P It is estimated that the effective storage computing power will be about 200,000 gold Filecoin Reward . Considering that the total computing power of the whole network will continue to increase , The actual reward of this batch may be less than this number . Jiucheng thinks that the future development space of distributed storage project is huge , Will be more active in Filecoin The ecological construction of .

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