Sumswap node pre-sale starts, new DEX challenger is about to embark on the journey

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sumswap node pre-sale pre sale

Opportunities always come by accident , But once you find out , Opportunities will quickly disappear . Opportunities are like real estate a decade ago or bitcoin a decade ago . They're obviously around us , However, due to the lack of cognition and the slow response to the market, we missed the opportunity .”


Use these words to describe this year's DeFi Opportunity is not against , from 2020 year DeFi At the beginning of the boom , It's been nearly a year now , But only a few users really get it from DeFi Get the proceeds .


The distribution of wealth is governed by the law of 28 , When most people don't get DeFi When you get a dividend , in addition 20% But in this wave of opportunities, he made wealth that ordinary people can't get in their lifetime . The reason is , It's because most people's cognition doesn't reach the relevant level , It is also slightly insensitive to information . That's right now DeFi What are the opportunities in this field ? How to grasp these opportunities .


The present IDO Undoubtedly, it's one of the hottest ways to play in the cryptocurrency market ,IDO Full name Inital DEX Offering, It's the first time that a decentralized exchange issues . This is a IEO( Initial exchange issue ) It's the inevitable result of the evolution of , image 2019 At the beginning of the year, people were frantically scrambling for IEO equally , There's also a crazy influx of people IDO.


Compare with IEO,IDO Field projects are in chaos , There are all kinds of ghosts and gods , How to choose a good project is a headache for investors . But there will always be some excellent projects on the market , Break the chaos , For the majority of users to bring a different experience .


In the near future , Developed by the UK blockchain company, it is called “SumSwap” Our innovative decentralization protocol is about to open its node pre-sale . This decentralized protocol is popular among blockchain fans because of its innovative mathematical model , And its design is decentralized “ Node pre-sale ” And decentralization “ Member pre-sale ” It also provides a rare early entry opportunity for those who want to join the project .


“SumSwap” The innovative decentralization agreement was signed by UK blockchain company SumSwap Development , The team is made up of a group of members who have the ultimate pursuit of mathematics and blockchain , In the face of many hot markets DeFi After in-depth study of the project ,SumSwap The team thinks , this DeFi The explosion comes from its ingenious mathematical model design , Such as X×y=z、AMM Automatic market makers and other models , It is these mathematical models that break the limitation of the slow speed of smart contracts .


Guided by this, the company developed “SumSwap” Decentralized protocol , The protocol innovatively adds the characteristic mathematical model , Be present DEX The most promising and uniswap and sushiswap Third market projects . For example, pass the certificate on its platform SUM On the distribution mode of ,SUM The total circulation is 3.2 Billion , Among them, pre excavation 3200 ten thousand , The remaining 90% Mining and distribution through base index distribution algorithm .


Base index issuance means that the circulation of each stage is based on the original issuance ,SUM It's released in five stages , In the first stage, the original circulation basis is added every month 6%; In the second stage, the original circulation basis is added every month 4%; In the third stage, the original circulation basis is added every month 2%; In the fourth stage, the original circulation basis is added every month 1%; In the fifth stage, the original circulation basis of the monthly additional issuance is improved 0.5%.SUM The distribution of is calculated according to the Ethereum block , The issue period of the five stages is one year 、 Two years 、 Two years 、 More than three years . These times are calculated according to the block time of Ethereum , The specific time will vary according to the block time of Ethereum .


Take the first stage circulation as an example , The circulation of the first phase in the first month is 3200 ten thousand ×6%=192 ten thousand ; The circulation of the first phase in February is (3200 ten thousand ×6%+3200 ten thousand )×6%=203.52 ten thousand , And so on . This design can effectively control the circulation of the market , And hold it perfectly SUM Staking、 ecology Staking、LP A combination of mining and mining , It can effectively balance the market and has a strong ability to expand .


except SUM Besides the special design of the issue , a SUM Staking、 ecology Staking It's also “SumSwap” Unique innovation . in addition ,uniswap and sushiswap Almost all functions of “SumSwap” Can achieve .


What's amazing is that , stay 3200 ten thousand SUM In the pre excavation of ,2400 I want to join early “SumSwap” Users of .“SumSwap” It provides decentralized node pre-sale and member pre-sale for early users who want to join the project , Among them, node pre-sale reservation 800 ten thousand SUM, Altogether 400 Nodes , Each node invests 10000 USDT Post acquisition 2 ten thousand SUM, And get the related rights and interests of the node , Such as the subsequent decentralization of exchange fees, dividends and other rights and interests . Calculated 0.5USDT/SUM, Node full 400 people , or 324000 It's going to end in two Ethereum blocks .


in addition 1600 ten thousand SUM For members to pre sell , Member pre-sale adopts blind voting method , most 3000 Ginseng and , At least per person 4000USDT. Members are sold out in advance 3000 Person or 486000 End of Ethereum block . At the end of the member pre-sale, when the member pre-sale total USDT Greater than (3000×4000)USDT namely 1200 ten thousand USDT when , The unit price of member pre-sale is the total price of member pre-sale USDT/1600 ten thousand SUM Calculation , When members pre sell USDT Less than 1200 ten thousand USDT when , according to 0.75USDT/SUM Calculation . It also means that , In any case, the unit price of node pre-sale is less than that of member pre-sale . The remaining 800 ten thousand SUM Part of it will be put in AMM Mobile pool , The other part is for developers to operate and optimize projects .


Node pre-sale and member pre-sale are both in ETH It's a smart contract , Completely decentralized , Two types of pre-sale are released before the transaction starts 10%, The remaining amount is released every day after the opening of the transaction . Compared with ordinary IDO,“SumSwap” Node pre-sale and member pre-sale are more guaranteed , And “SumSwap” It has great potential in itself .SUM In addition to the early stage of the design AMM In addition to the amount added to the flow cell , Its circulation is only a few million , think Uniswap Pass card UNI For example ,UNI The total market value is close to 170 Billion dollars , renminbi 1100 Billion , be SUM There is a lot of room for appreciation .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 1365     0593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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