Huaqun: Industrial blockchain and community construction

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huaqun industrial blockchain community construction
Abstract : Chain modification 、 community 、 The role of alliance chain in enterprise development

4 month 27 On Tuesday night 8:00, Renza Technology 、 Mr. Hua Qun, founder of sunn capital , Be a guest of the voice class with the same right of stock certificate , the “ Industrial blockchain and community construction ” Share the theme of . This course adopts wechat live broadcast + Community broadcast form , The real meaning of the chain reform and its disadvantages are summarized by the teachers of Zhonghua group in the classroom ; Alliance chain can help enterprises realize architecture support ; The role of community in promoting industry .

Mr. Huaqun has been engaged in blockchain and finance for many years , I have a deep understanding of the whole finance and Internet industry , This issue of live dialyzes the chain reform 、 Public chain 、 The role of community in the ecological development of enterprises , The content is of great significance to the enterprise group how to realize the reform with the help of the new production relations , In the process of industrial upgrading, how to avoid detours has great inspiration ! The following is the summary of the essence of this group's live broadcast :

Since last year 10 month 24 On the afternoon of the 18th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development . The research and application of blockchain technology has become a hot topic in the whole society , Especially a few days ago, the national development and Reform Commission officially announced , Bringing blockchain into the new infrastructure , The era of blockchain application has officially opened . What we need to do is : Respond to the call of the State , Accelerate the development of digital economy , Make the digital economy bigger and stronger .

meanwhile , The impetus of blockchain for new infrastructure , Chain change is the direction , Because blockchain is a new credit infrastructure of digital economy , We built a decentralized trust system , The chain reform is to promote the whole nation and the whole industry on the chain , The solution is trust .

What is chain change

Chain reform can be divided into : No money chain change and money chain change .

No currency chain change refers to the data link to do deposit , It's about trust , It fundamentally solves the problem of data security and privacy , All data must not be tampered with after being linked , All the information on the chain is true and reliable , And it's all traceable , Easy for each node to quickly find . The change of currency chain refers to Tong Zheng , It's the relations of production that have changed , It reconstructs the distribution of interests .

Blockchain technology has changed the existing Internet platform model , Creating a new distributed business model . And in designing the new business model of blockchain , The key element , But it's also a factor that is often overlooked and misunderstood , It's the design of token incentive .

Blockchain token incentive : Use your labor 、 Money 、 technology Can participate in ecological construction , So the relationship between the participants is equal , There's no hierarchy, so , It changes the relations of production !

And ecological users , It's about getting rewards for your actions , That is to say, distribute the token according to your contribution and value to the ecology . From the perspective of means of production , The relationship between users and platform ecology is : Users are both consumers and producers .

essentially , Chain reform is to create the value of every value creator , A reasonable distribution , Transforming traditional industries with token economy .

At this stage , As long as we rely on blockchain technology and token economy model, we can reduce the operating costs of enterprises 、 Because it can effectively reduce the number of middlemen who do inspection and verification in business transactions , At the same time, improve efficiency 、 Realize the innovation of business model, etc , It can be called chain reform .

Problems in the chain reform

Like all blockchain projects ,“ Chain modification ” The project is faced with the problem of intermingled good and bad :

1. There's a lot on the market “ Chain modification ” The growth of the project is weak or the fund is short , Think of issuing money as a means of financing , The funds are fed back to a centralized asset with low quality , This kind of coin is the same as air coin .

2. At present, most of the projects in the chain reform are in the community promotion mode , Use the method of pulling people's heads in the pyramid scheme to rapidly develop the community to earn money , I have never thought of doing a good job in the enterprise ecology , Not to mention linking ecological data . Not all scenes are suitable for the chain , Enough trust has been established in the business , There is no need to generalize in order to generalize .

Blockchain alliance chain

As more and more enterprises and institutions develop business applications , After putting into operation , More and more people will be involved . such as , Shopping on Taobao , Now blockchain technology has been used to track the logistics of rookie packages ; The cross city subway blockchain system in Hangzhou and many other cities has been put into use , If you go from Chongqing to Hangzhou , When you take the subway, you don't need to buy subway tickets in Hangzhou , With this set of blockchain transportation system, payment settlement and riding can be completed by scanning the code .

In the near future , You don't need to be like this anymore , I'm embarrassed to explain to my friends what blockchain looks like , Their own experience is the most straightforward explanation .

Is that after the general infrastructure is set up , This platform will be operational ? No, it isn't , If no one , No product , No service , There is no demand , This platform is just an empty one , Not angry , It can't be an ecology if it has no value , Because there are no relationships and activities between people on it . It's like a piece of land without all kinds of plants , animal , And biology , There is no mutual need between different species , Interdependence and division of labor , Then it can't be called ecology .

Today's Alliance chain can also be understood as such a lowest level framework , In the future, it may grow a big ecosystem or even an economy like Taobao Ali , Therefore, the current alliance chain is also the infrastructure to provide basic services for Big Mac enterprises in the future ,

At present, the whole ecosystem of Taobao and even Alibaba mainly serves e-commerce, a subdivided and vertical industry , But the infrastructure built by blockchain can serve a much wider range , It's not designed for just one industry , It's infrastructure that can serve all industries .

The applications that can be developed in the future are not only e-commerce , It can also be content 、 public welfare 、 logistics 、 Supply chain 、 Tracing to the source 、 The judicial 、 Finance 、 Medical care 、 education 、 city management …… Any industry or industry that needs multi-party coordination and sharing to solve the trust problem can develop applications on it , To build this ecology together .

The role of community

What is community : community , It refers to a group of people with common attributes and hobbies , It's also called consensus group . A community , No matter the manager , Opinion leaders , Or ordinary members , Every community should embody its own value , Let each member actively participate in the subjective initiative , The essence of a community is based on people who trust each other 、 People and products 、 The relationship between people and enterprises is established .

In fact, it is to connect the demand with the supply side to meet the demand with higher efficiency . At the same time, release the resources of this relationship , So as to reduce the operation cost of the enterprise itself , Let society run more efficiently . Through socialization , Enterprises can form an efficient recommendation mechanism , Let users quickly find good products and practical information , Through trust within the community , Promote resource allocation in a non market way , Form a huge market target of the enterprise , So as to greatly reduce transaction costs .

secondly , Social marketing helps start-ups form a market quickly , Blockchain technology can develop to its present scale in a short time , It is directly related to the active promotion of various communities . It is said that , The smell of wine is afraid of the deep lane , No matter how good blockchain technology is , If we don't promote it , There is no scale effect , It's hard to be recognized in a short time , Not to mention applications . So the blockchain team must build a good community , Only in this way can the iteration of products be carried out better , Form information consensus among blockchain communities , So whether the community is successful in operating an ecology , Play a vital role .

The role of community is bound to leave a heavy mark in the history of blockchain development !

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