Filecoin information: storage sector quietly rose, fil led the rise

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filecoin information storage sector quietly

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3 month 31 Japan , The storage sector is quietly rising ,FIL Take the lead in collective soaring , It's up more than 23%, The unit price goes up to 154 dollar . In the past month, the increase was as high as 335% many ,24 At one point, the hourly turnover exceeded that of bitcoin , Leap to number one .

stay FIL Driven by ,STORJ、BTT、CRU And other storage concepts have all set new records . As a storage leader , In the past six months, it has been widely publicized by bears , Dig up a lot “ Black history ”. After all, there is still a long way to go between storage and landing , Most of the chain is mining 、 Data for the power market . But in terms of the rotation of funds , At present, the storage sector is vigorously pursued by funds .

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