Is filecoin still in the dividend period?

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filecoin dividend period

With the recent FIL The rise in prices ,Filecoin The entry threshold is also getting higher and higher , Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries from our clients , Today we are going to talk about the dividend period that we are more concerned about . According to the latest news ,FIL The price has climbed up 150 The high point of the dollar , The exorbitant price makes more people start to wait and see , Think the dividend period is over .V|IPFS_KF818

according to Filecoin We know the mechanism of the Internet , Miner acquisition FIL There are mainly three channels : Block rewards 、 Storage reward 、 Search reward . among Filecoin The hallmark of the early days of the Internet is that it has only block reward output , That's what we call the dividend period .

about Filecoin The network is , The dividend period is particularly important , because Filecoin follow 6 The principle of halving the number of years , In the early days, every day 20 over / God , During this period Filecoin The amount released is the highest . In this period of time , It's also the best time for us to hoard money , It's us that get FIL The best dividend period , In this period of time , Time is the biggest cost .

For every blockchain network development law , There must have been the least people involved in mining in the early days , as time goes on , More and more miners will come in , In the early days, a few people took what the network produced every day 20 over FIL. With the increase of the number of miners in the later period , The number of miners involved has increased , Everyone gets FIL The total amount will decrease . Now, Filecoin The main network has been online for less than half a year , but FIL But the price of our products has gone up 5 times , From here, we can see that there is still a huge room for it to rise in the future .

Those who have followed bitcoin should know , The price of bitcoin miner will rise with the rise of bitcoin price , Down and down . So a lot of people come into the miner when the miner goes down , And then when it goes up . go back to Filecoin Come up and see , Recently with FIL The rise in prices , The price of mining machinery has also risen , It seems that Filecoin To take the road of bitcoin .Filecoin As a blockchain 3.0 The landing project of distributed storage , The only official designated token , We should see its future application value and financial value .

From the perspective of the development path of bitcoin ,Filecoin In the market, both the currency price and the computing power market are still in the low price stage , Even now FIL Has risen to 150 dollar .

at present Filecoin The main online line is less than half a year , Although before the official currency price control , But at present, the government still has more control chips , At present, the main contradiction is ecological development . This opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared , At this time, we can enter and expand the scale of the ore pool , Fast growing computing power , And personal warehouse building . The future as Filecoin The landing of Ecology , Innovative applications are constantly emerging , Its value is constantly emerging , The most direct manifestation must be FIL Price .

As time goes by , Officials will have fewer and fewer chips , Its price will change from official owner to miner , The circulation in the market increases , The price is bound to fluctuate . At present, there are fewer and fewer opportunities left for those who want to enter , The dividend period is also disappearing .

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