Fil price breaks 1000, rising period has become a trend

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fil price breaks rising period

Today, ,Filecoin The paper currency rose again , This time, FIL Up to 150 Dollar mark ,FIL Hot search lasts for the first time , The global circulation market value has reached the eighth place . In the past week, no matter from the growth of computing power 、 Net inflow of funds 、 The rise of money price, etc ,Filecoin Can be regarded as a worthy King . In recent days Filecoin The increase is more than 40%, The upward channel is fully open , As for how much it takes imagination .V|IPFS_KF818

data display ,FIL near 7 Daily increase 67.85%、30 Daily increase 319.57%、3 A month's increase 640.74%, So far this year, it's up 629.94%!

According to the data display of the blockchain browser , at present Filecoin Effective computing power of the whole network reaches 3.760EIB, The number of miners 1761 individual , The total accounts amount to 47.0965 Thousands of families , single T Yield is 0.0941FIL.

At present, the growth of computing power every day is 30PB Up and down , And with the FIL The rise in prices , Mining costs are also rising , The source of this phenomenon is that they like to chase up the capital , Or just Filecoin Only when the trading volume exceeds bitcoin will it attract the attention of all kinds of funds around the world , It's like bitcoin is soaring to 5 After ten thousand dollars, a lot of money 、 Companies are coming in one after another .

Filecoin Now we are faced with the same problem , Major institutions have followed suit , Including, of course, domestic companies , The original community of StarCraft has also been introduced in depth in previous articles . Facing this capital feast , After all, no one wants to miss such a high return . And because big institutions need to face research before they can execute 、 Discuss 、 Risk assessment and other measures , This decision chain takes a lot of time . So at the executive level in the future , We're going to see more institutions enter .

This means that Filecoin In the network , Packaging costs will go up in the future , The funding threshold will also be further raised . And at the same time as the cost goes up , single T Earnings will fall further , At this time, the organization will use its scale advantage to share the low cost , But it's hard for individuals to have such opportunities . So even now Filecoin Has risen to the present 150 The height of the dollar , But it's still an opportunity for individuals , And the earlier, the more obvious !

stay 2019 In the field of blockchain of Hurun rich list in , Among them is 9 I'm on the list for my participation in mining , Only those who really participate in mining can keep what they have FIL, I don't want to sell and make a small profit because of the small rise of the market , Missing out on future opportunities , The payoff in the future will be the geometric multiple level .

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