Two sessions discuss blockchain, EuroTech cloud chain group layout ahead of time, accelerate integration with real economy

sessions discuss blockchain eurotech cloud

In recent days, , Everyone is discussing the government work reports of the two sessions this year , Especially this year “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The first year of planning , period , Topics related to blockchain technology have attracted many representatives of the NPC and CPPCC 、 Hot discussion among members , meanwhile , In this year's government work report, it is also clearly stated that , Strengthen the construction of digital government .

actually , As early as during this year's local two sessions, which ended earlier ,“ Digitization ” And “ Blockchain ” It has become a high-frequency word in local government work reports and development plans , Many provinces have also incorporated blockchain into local “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning , according to an uncompleted statistic , Up to now , The national 31 A province ( Autonomous region 、 Municipalities directly under the central government ) in , There are at least 20 Write blockchain to 2021 In the government work report of .

As part of the new economy “ Pacesetter ”, The planning of blockchain in the eastern developed areas is of particular concern , From this year's government work report , Beijing 、 The blockchain planning in Guangdong is the most representative , Tend to “ To consolidate ”“ growing ”, All of them have taken another step on the previous basis .

Take Beijing for example , In the last year “ Strengthen the key core technologies such as blockchain ” On the basis of , Put forward this year “ Around AI 、 Blockchain and other major projects have been promoted ”, and “ Expand information technology 、 Health care 、 Intelligent manufacturing 、 The scale of advantageous industries such as blockchain and advanced computing ”; Guangdong, which has the largest number of blockchain enterprises, has a similar statement , Put forward “ Consolidate the advantages of digital industry development , Promote AI 、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 The Internet of things and other industries are growing ”.

“ The first-line developed areas are in talent 、 Money 、 We have strong strength in science and technology , We need to take the responsibility of accelerating the development of blockchain technology ”, Li Lianxuan, the chief researcher of EuroTech cloud chain, told the media that , Give more attention and support to the blockchain industry in terms of policy , It is helpful for China to occupy an innovative commanding point in the international competition in the field of blockchain , Gain new advantages in the industry .

The central and western regions generally place high hopes on blockchain , Because of the significant role in reducing cost and increasing efficiency , Blockchain is regarded as a powerful means to enable traditional industries , Ji Lin 、 hubei 、 qinghai 、 Sichuan and other provinces are looking forward to this , For example, Jilin is in 2021 In the report on the work of the government, it was stated that , To combine “ Digital Jilin ” Building , Deepening big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 A new generation of information technology, such as blockchain, is integrated with the manufacturing industry , The power of the digital economy converges , Promote industry digitization 、 Digital industrialization .

It can be seen that , Whether it's in the East , Or the Midwest , Out of an urgent need for emerging technologies , Many local governments have regarded blockchain as a powerful breakthrough for the development of new economy and new formats , Blockchain has become a new highland of digital economy for all regions to catch up with .

“ With the expansion of application demand in various places , Infrastructure construction around blockchain technology will be an inevitable trend and a core issue , If we compare various blockchain industrial applications to ‘ vehicle ’, So the infrastructure is ‘ road ’, Under the action of the phased policy baton , Now it seems that the whole industry is working fast ‘ Car making ’, however ,‘ road ’ It's not fixed ,‘ vehicle ’ It's hard to play value ”, Secretary General of the blockchain Working Committee of Beijing Youth Internet association 、 Hu Chao, vice president of EuroTech cloud chain group, said .

The weakness of blockchain infrastructure , Give Way “ Digital government ” The progress is slow , Of course , There are also some encouraging trends , An Internet giant like Baidu, which has earlier laid out blockchain , There are also leading enterprises in the blockchain industry such as OKC cloud chain , They have made many world leading achievements in the field of blockchain infrastructure construction .

Disclosure of information , Oko cloud chain is the world's leading blockchain industry group , since 2013 It has been committed to the R & D and commercial use of blockchain technology since , It has developed into a global large-scale blockchain technology and service provider , Xu Mingxing, the founder, is a well-known blockchain technology expert 、 Founder director of China blockchain Application Research Center , Over the years, we have actively made suggestions and suggestions for the blockchain industry , At the same time, we will promote the implementation of blockchain applications .

It is reported that , Oko cloud chain group has made an early layout , Take the lead , We have been deeply engaged in the blockchain industry for many years , As early as last year 5 month 17 Japan , OK cloud chain group, together with Hainan blockchain Association, released “ One billion ” plan , Announced that the next three years will be in Hainan to build “ Several ” The underlying technology platform of blockchain 、 Organized “ Ten ” High level blockchain International Forum 、 Help to introduce “ A hundred ” Blockchain enterprises landed in Hainan 、 Vigorously promote “ Thousand items ” Innovative application of blockchain in Hainan 、 Extensive connectivity “ 10, ” Blockchain talents participate in the development of Hainan blockchain industry ;

Same year 6 month 18 Japan , Oko cloud chain group and Beijing Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd , Officially sign a cooperation agreement , Jointly open the layout of blockchain industry investment , Strive to build the industrial ecology of blockchain , Based on Cloud Computing Data Center , Take the application of blockchain computing power scenario as a breakthrough , Enabling industrial upgrading and high-quality development .


Of course , above “ Major events ” It's just the tip of the iceberg where Xu Mingxing and OKC cloud chain group help the development of the blockchain industry , all the time , Xu Mingxing and EuroTech cloud chain group have always regarded serving the society as a whole 、 Serving the public is an important mission , Actively undertake the social responsibility of leading enterprises in the industry , Popularize blockchain knowledge to the society and the public in various forms for a long time , Created and published 《 Diagram of blockchain 》《 Token economy 》 And other authoritative books , Created and produced public documentary 《 Blockchain · Real record 》 And so on , Spread the frontier dynamics of blockchain through all media matrix 、 Technical achievements 、 Technology application and other industry information , Export valuable blockchain business knowledge to the business community through business schools .

It is generally accepted in the industry , Blockchain technology as a national strategic emerging technology , It will become an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology , While the development of blockchain industry is driving into the fast lane , The industry needs more leaders like Xu Mingxing and Oko cloud chain 、 Head enterprise , Jointly build all kinds of blockchain industrial infrastructure , Accelerate the close integration and application of blockchain and real economy .

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