Subgame blockchain game cross chain pioneer, the next flow?

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subgame blockchain game cross chain

Because blockchain technology is inherently decentralized 、 No tampering 、 Open and transparent , Therefore, blockchain games can make the virtual assets in the game completely controlled by users , Game developers or operators can't get involved , Therefore, blockchain games will greatly guarantee the security of users' game private assets , And promote the free trade of players' virtual assets .

from NBA Top Shot We can see the trend in the future ,2 month 23 Japan NBA Top Shot James in the dunk corresponding to the star card to 20.8 Million dollars to sell , Record high .

NBA Top Shot The bottom public chain Flow It's for NFT Design a game public chain : Developers can NTF Build high throughput 、 Applications that millions of people can use , Bring users a better game experience ,coinlist The price of private placement rose by as much as 400 times .

Blockchain + The game is still the biggest wealth opportunity in the future , Blockchain game public chain platform through the ecological 、 Comprehensive strength in technology and market , For users to launch a real playable game masterpiece , Expand your community , So as to compete for the leading position of blockchain game platform .

As the underlying public chain with dual technical advantages of blockchain game and cross chain SubGame, Committed to building the future value interconnection network , Use Polkadot As a basic technology , And added a high-performance database architecture .

SubGame The underlying parallel chains are linked to each other , Can achieve interoperability 、 Optimize on chain developer tools and support scale out , Provide better scalability and high availability ; At the same time, it uses a new system architecture to improve the inefficiency of the original resources . Optimize resource storage mode , Split the resource file into equal length pieces , Easy to mark and handle . At the same time, distributed computing technology is adopted , Combined public cloud and private cloud hybrid storage technology , Full backup of all important data ! Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia Hospital :

Flow from NFT Starting from ecology, building technology system , and Subgame From the perspective of the blockchain world , From cross chain , Starting from the exchange of values, build a more valuable public chain at the bottom . Only through cross chain , In order to break the information island between ecology , Connect all the chains , So cross chain is very important for blockchain .SubGame In addition to creating game applications , It can also build various types of application scenarios , Build a blockchain infrastructure with a common level of cross chain industry , Unlimited possibilities for distributed mobile applications .

SubGame Technology architecture friendly , Reduce the learning curve and development difficulty of developers , We have developed more applications that are conducive to the positive development of ecology .SubGame The technical architecture includes game type module , Payment model interface , Communication development , Applications on the data link , Cross chain settlement and blockchain storage space, etc , The relay contract protocol is used as an external model group to develop smart contracts across the common chain , Minimize the cost of value transfer between chains , And maximize application scalability , So that developers can develop cross chain smart contracts at the lowest cost .SubGame Because of its technical advantages, it has gained Web3 The foundation recognizes , It will also play its greatest value in the future .

The world is being blockchained , stay SubGame The game 、 payment 、 Communication and data , The game industry is most likely to change .SubGame In the future, it will bring more benefits to the cross chain game ecology than Flow Changes !

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