Solution for building application scenarios of blockchain traceability

solution building application scenarios blockchain

actually , Traceability can be said to be one of the most promising areas of blockchain landing , Because blockchain technology has the technical characteristics of irreversible timing and tamperable data .
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First , The technical logic ensures that the reversible system can be recorded safely and reliably in chronological order , This naturally meets the time requirement of traceable information in the physical world , And can reverse and position, can change every point in the system, can reset . real time , So as to lock in the responsible party ; secondly , The distributed storage and decentralized voting mechanism of the blockchain also ensures that the records on the whole traceability chain will not be tampered in technical logic , So as to avoid real safety accidents or illegal traceability requirements in the future .
Using the traceability of blockchain Technology , Through logistics management , Commodity security , Commodity traceability , Manufacturing management , In depth integration of industry cooperation and other fields , Improve the traceability and safety of goods .
Compared with the traditional traceability, the advantages of blockchain traceability are reflected :
Traditional traceability needs more complicated procedures , More human and material resources to stop monitoring . For example, in the process of Logistics , Maybe at a customs , There will be multiple quarantine procedures , Requires multiple agency approval , Need to prepare a lot of documents to dispose of origin 、 quarantine 、 quality 、 Tariff and so on , Greatly reduce the efficiency of Logistics , Improve logistics capital .
and , Traceability of existing commodities , Also complete is a seller voluntary self certification behavior , Lack of surveillance by third parties , The information that consumers provide to businesses , Ordinary people can only bear it passively , I can't verify . This time , In fact, it is still relying on businesses to endorse trust . Traceability information of the whole commodity , Business integrity may be tampered with , The problem of information asymmetry has not been improved .
Blockchain is the record of the whole process , It fits perfectly with the supply chain system , More support for product control . Information generation in blockchain , It's packing data into chunks , Add a time stamp , Form a chain , Such a process , Similar to the commodity supply chain process , The two can blend perfectly . A commodity from the original information 、 Processing and other consumer links began , To quarantine 、 transport 、 Put in storage 、 On the shelf sales and so on , Be able to go up the chain according to time , Make a good process record .
It's the information on the chain that can't be tampered with . Once the information is on the chain , You can't erase it , This is equivalent to eliminating the power of centralized institutions . Experts engaged in blockchain technology once said :“ Traditional information is only linked to a central accounting method , From a technical point of view, information can be tampered with , But with blockchain , Once all information is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be changed , Moreover, the information of Jingdong blockchain is not only recorded in Jingdong , There are also brands , There are also... In testing institutions , There are also... In the regulatory department , We dealt with trust .”

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