Mining by NGK computing power is the first step to build an ecological consensus of NGK

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mining ngk computing power step

We know DeFi When the upsurge comes , Due to the limitation of Ethereum's network function, the handling charge has increased sharply , only Uniswap And contributed to Ethereum One-third Of GAS Consume . besides , stay The etheric fang Upper Project also Often suffer from To hacker attacks , Security is becoming Ecological development Problems that can't be solved . so to speak at present , The performance of the common chain It's a big constraint 了 DeFi and DApp And so on . So in the future , Whether it's DeFi still DApp The development of , We need to find a way to have high performance 、 Quick confirmation and security High sex The public chain of .


NGK Return to the original intention of blockchain from the perspective of ecology , Pave the way for the whole ecological development . First NGK Support high quality projects in technology , Publish your own digital assets and DAPP, At the same time, vigorously Encourage community participation NGK Integrate Ecological Co Construction .


NGK The first important ecological project of the project is the mining of computing power . It's a decentralization 、 Support DPOSS dig 、 Transaction based DAG Structural projects , because NGK The biggest advantage of computing power mining is the low threshold 、 It's easy to operate , At the same time, it has high performance and security NGK The public chain depends on , As a result, the threshold for many ordinary people to enter is lowered .


NGK Compared with the traditional mining machine, computational mining is very different . It is mainly reflected in the following three points : First of all, traditional mining machinery needs to be purchased with one-time investment , And the money of the miner is quantitative , And it's still locked up , After digging, we need to continue to invest again to make sustained profits ,NGK It's through 21 The computing power generated by super nodes in different regions is permanent , There's no need to reinvest , As long as it's powerful , We can release the corresponding amount every day NGK As a personal gain , Released NGK It can be realized through the trading market , You can continue to hold NGK Waiting for the price to rise to a digital gain effect in selling ;


secondly ,NGK Simplify the cash flow , If NGK Participants want to leave , You only need to sell the holding of calculation power to realize the principal immediately , That is to say, you can go in and out as you go in , No restrictions .


Last ,NGK To mine by calculation , One calculation, three digs , Dig NGK,SPC,VAST. At present, the calculation power is about 10U, Minimum purchase 21 Open a mine , The maximum static layout benefits up to 20%, This does not include the rise in currency prices .


That's why ,NGK Once Suanli mining was launched, it was highly praised , It has created a phenomenon that a large number of ecological builders enter the mine quickly .NGK We also built a consensus on the project through computational power mining , A new ecological value system has been established .


Mining as NGK The first step of ecological development , It serves as a link between the past and the future .


in order to NGK Better ecological development , stay NGK On the basis of power mining ,NGK Then came the mobile mining and NGK The Ecological Institute and other projects . be based on NGK We have accumulated a large number of ecological builders , Get a good project reputation , Therefore, once launched, these two projects have attracted much attention , It USES the advanced Blockchain Technology and high reward mechanism , For Industry and users Created Adequate ecology value And application value , Unlock the new mode of public chain ecological development .


With NGK The continuous expansion of ecological layout , at present NGK I'm going to open up the mall sector DAPP, Build the world's first blockchain shopping application platform , Connecting the real economy , When the NGK It will become a bridge between virtual economy and real economy , future NGK also More areas 、 More ecological DAPP The possibility of landing . Achievements are complementary , With NGK The continuous improvement of public chain ecology , Will reach the top of the first public chain .


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