IPFs / filecoin mining, the hottest Star project of blockchain

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ipfs filecoin mining hottest star

When talking about the blockchain project that we are most concerned about at present , What's the first word that comes to mind ? Maybe most people will answer bitcoin . You bet , Bitcoin is the largest IP It's really amazing . But in addition to bitcoin , What are the top five projects ? I believe everyone will mention that IPFS/Filecoin. because IPFS/Filecoin Although the main network has been online for less than a year , But now many people have built applications with it . you 're right , It is IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, Also known as the interstellar file system ).

From the date of birth ,IPFS It has become “ star ”, It's also considered the most likely “ Overthrow tradition Internet Of HTTP agreement ”. When EOS Considered to be beyond Ethereum and known as “ Blockchain 3.0” when ,IPFS It was thought that the market value of venture capital was higher than that of venture capital EOS.IPFS Is a global point-to-point distributed file storage protocol , It enables you to connect all computers with the same file system . Conventional Internet HTTP The protocol is used to find the domain address , and IPFS Used to find content addresses . IPFS It's breaking HTTP One way to make a protocol , Theoretically, it can make your network faster , More secure . People in the industry have heard of IPFS The word" , Whether they understand it or not , It still doesn't affect its fiery degree . however IPFS High heat makes this market a paradise for swindlers .

Search Baidu for information about IPFS Information about , Full screen display IPFS/Filecoin Advertisements for mining machines . In all the hyped advertising messages , People think that IPFS It's the new cryptocurrency , You can buy a miner to dig like bitcoin , Or something like cx Just like the cloud, you can start to make money by buying a gadget and studying it at home .. At least that's what the ad says . But is it true ?

IPFS This is mentioned very clearly , The most important word is “ agreement ”. because IPFS It's a technology and a protocol , So it's not a chain , It's not called “ IPFS” Coins .IPFS The idea is to allow files to be stored and read in a decentralized way . at present Internet All the information on is stored on the server , therefore , If the server fails , You will not be able to retrieve the information . To prevent this ,IPFS Scattered in different hard disks , When downloading , And read it from these hard drives scattered all over the world .. Use BT People who download it will find IPFS It's actually BitTorrent agreement , The development team is right about BitTorrent The agreement has been slightly upgraded .

As a technology , This file distribution protocol is very powerful , But good technology doesn't mean good products . The distribution of documents is entirely voluntary , There is no economic model to encourage this . therefore Filecoin There is .IPFS The author of the white paper Juan Benet yes Protocol Labs The founder of ,Filecoin It's also Protocol Labs A project for .

Filecoin It's a blockchain , The currency circulating in the chain is also called Filecoin, It is based on the use of IPFS technology IPFS agreement , And introduced IPFS The economic model that protocol can implement , For example, cryptocurrency . As more and more people use it , More and more people want to free up computer and storage space for others to use .FileCoin The official conclusion is :“ In short ,IPFS It's a search by content technology . Filecoin Namely IPFS Incentive mechanism of .” therefore Filecoin It can actually be mined , however Filecoin What is the mechanism of ? How does the miner dig ?

The consensus mechanism of bitcoin and Ethereum is PoW Proof of work . Define mining rewards in terms of workload , And cost is power consumption . The amount of reward is determined by your work efficiency , Efficiency is your computing power , Computing power determines how much ore you can dig out . The chip in the miner can improve your computing power , That is to improve your work efficiency , At the same time, power consumption will increase . This is a PoW The logic of , So in the bitcoin network , The more powerful the miner is , You can dig bitcoin faster . however ,Filecoin Our consensus mechanism is not PoW, And it has nothing to do with computing power .

Filecoin Express :“ Filecoin The consensus mechanism is based on replication proof and spatial proof , Does not involve hash intensive workload proof .” understand Filecoin The real principle of ,Filecoin How mining works ?“ Search miners earn by bidding and mining fees for specific documents based on the market value of the documents FIL. Miners search and bid / The initial reaction time of the transaction ( for example , Time delay and distance from customers ) The ability of search, the maximum bandwidth of search miner determines the total transaction volume .” This is officially Filecoin Mining principle . In short , This is based on the number of useful files you have saved “ Energy saving mining ”. When a user uploads a file , The document will be divided into several parts , Miners need to take part of it and put it on the hard disk to get it FIL The coin . Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia hospital which good :http://m.99bbjk.com/

except Filecoin In the use of IPFS agreement , There are many other cryptocurrencies for distributed storage . among Sia,Storj,Swarm and Lambda It is well known that . Among them Sia and Storj in , These two distributed storage projects have started . in other words , You can use it , But unfortunately , Not many people use it . Sia Use PoW The consensus mechanism , Use smart contract file contracts to set storage rules and requirements . File uploader 、 node 、 Miners can get Siacoin. and Storj The storage transaction is only between the two sides of the storage demand , No need for smart contracts .

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