Na (Nirvana) chain is mainly applied to produce Na public chain and NAC public chain

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na nirvana chain mainly applied


Different from the traditional industry, usually with “ Solve a problem ” For the starting point of research , There is more confusion about the emergence and growth of blockchain , There's also an unlimited sense of boundlessness . In this day and age , Blockchain has become “ Programme model ”, We don't lack Technology , It's just a lack of vision to find problems . In the blockchain world , There are a lot of people coming and going , They turn blockchain technology over and over 、 Explore 、 extend , In order to find a suitable field for this technology to take root .# Heterogeneous composite chains #

With the development of blockchain today , Public chain has become a very familiar term .

The emergence of public chain is the first step for blockchain technology to be applied . As a brand-new platform with blockchain as the underlying technology , The public chain can almost be seen as a different set from the Internet “ operating system ”. The value of a system framework does not come from the technology itself , It's built on this technology , Can bring to the general public can see 、 hear 、 The practical use of touch . This is the meaning of the public chain , It is the real embodiment of the value of blockchain technology “ Cultivation base ”, In this piece “ soil ” What kind of fruit can grow —— application , It is an important issue to be solved by many blockchain companies .

The main “ Born for application ” Of NA(Nirvana) The public chain may be a typical example of this .


Generally speaking , There are several steps to the birth of an application , For example, according to DAPP A consensus mechanism that matches the choice of characteristics , Deploy DAPP Required functionality , Select nodes and so on . There are many complicated steps and technical requirements , It has almost become an obstacle for ordinary blockchain enthusiasts to create applications .


In the traditional public chain , Technology threshold becomes the first wall of application development , Even Internet technologists are hard to start right away , Not to mention ordinary enthusiasts with a technology gap . In response to this question ,NA(Nirvana) The public chain uses an epoch-making approach , Took the lead in lowering the height of this wall : Developing a new programming language ,N++(N Plus Plus). master ASP/PHP/JSP This kind of Web The end of the programming language technicians just 5 You can develop your own interactive system in minutes , Especially based on Web Application system .


In addition, there is a single consensus mechanism that has been criticized by the traditional public chain , For example, based on Pow The consensus to do , So what we developed dapp It can only be achieved Pow The performance of consensus . This is a disaster for the development of diverse applications . Based on this ,NA(Nirvana) The first heterogeneous composite chain model , The public chain “ Split in two ”, The main chain and instance chain of different consensus mechanisms can be interwoven to form a map , Make the diversity of applications a reality .# The king of application #


The privacy security of the public chain is also NA(Nirvana) Public chain mining docking rear end 136 22 951 The top priority of construction . according to the understanding of ,NA(Nirvana) Take a ring signature 、 Zero knowledge proof, a variety of privacy technologies , It aims to protect the security of public chain application data . Weakening technical barriers , Change the single consensus , Privacy and security ......NA(Nirvana) The underlying technological breakthroughs made in the construction of the public chain are far from complete . stay NA(Nirvana) In the vision of the public chain development team , On this young public chain , There will be more complex applications , These applications can break the development shackles that the traditional public chain cannot achieve . And the way to achieve that vision , It comes from these new technological breakthroughs that traditional public chain projects can't match .


Only when the soil of technology is given more “ nutrition ”, The growth of application and even blockchain technology will be more rapid .


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