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blockchain read blockchain article

In recent years # Blockchain # Technology is getting hotter and hotter , Some people are obsessed with digital money , Some people are pushing “ Blockchain +”, Behind the hot is froth or loneliness , Today we will talk about blockchain in detail . The full text 3000 word , The conclusion is at the end .

One 、 The origin of blockchain

The concept of blockchain was first derived from bitcoin .

The currency (Bitcoin) Born in 2008 year , It's by a man named Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) For the first time , This man is very mysterious , So far there is no accurate information about him . Shortly after the proposal , Bitcoin was born .

The core technology of bitcoin and other digital currencies is called blockchain technology . Blockchain (Blockchain) In information technology, it is a data structure or data storage mode . It's an innovative combination of cryptography 、 Point to point (P2P) The Internet 、 Distributed deployment and other technologies , It can be called an epoch-making idea .

Two 、 Blockchain Technology Overview

1.1 The structure of the blockchain

As shown in the figure below :

A typical blockchain is made up of a series of blocks , The block is made up of forensics (Pre-Hash)、 Block time (Block Time) And records .

Forewarning , It's like a seal on a file , Used to ensure that the contents of the block are not changed . Every block of the blockchain , Through computer calculation , To form a Hash value ( That's the seal ), And put it in the foreword of the second block . This Hash Value is unique , The content of the block changes ,Hash The values also change , This ensures that the contents of the block cannot be changed . The cleverness of blockchain design lies in , The latter block holds the values of the previous block Hash value , Blocks are linked to each other , The blockchain is formed .

Block time is used to record the time when a block is formed .

Record , It is used to record all the information that needs to be saved , It could be trading information , It can also be a sentence or something .

1.2 Operating mechanism

In addition to the precise structural design , Blockchain also needs a rigorous mechanism to ensure the stable operation of blockchain , It is also the core innovation of blockchain , Solve the problem of trust .

Blockchain adopts distributed storage architecture , The data of the blockchain is completely stored on all nodes of the blockchain network . The metaphor of image is , I made countless copies of a file , To different parts of the world . Anyone who wants to tamper with the record , Must modify the record of each node , When there are enough nodes , This kind of tampering is impossible , This is the secret of blockchain anti tampering .

1.3 dig

I talked about it before. , The blockchain is linked block by block , How is the next block generated ?

If you want to add records to the blockchain , It must meet the requirements of blockchain regulations , Find blocks that meet the criteria , This process is commonly known as mining . Because there are a lot of miners , In order to solve the block chain synchronization and forgery chain attack , The difficulty of mining must be increased , The way to increase the difficulty is called POW(Proof of Work, Proof of work load ) Algorithm , Specific algorithm interested can search . This algorithm will be a simple operation , It's hundreds of millions of iterations , Greatly increase the difficulty of calculation .

The process of mining is repetition and luck , The first miners to dig out the block , All nodes will be informed , And put this block on the chain , Miners will be rewarded ( That is, various digital currencies ), All the miners start calculating the next block . Because the graphics card is very good at repeating simple operations , Deeply loved by absenteeism , The price of high-end graphics card is rising .

Of course , Here's another point to make ,POW Algorithms and even mining processes are not necessary ,POW Algorithm is a kind of consensus algorithm , Other consensus algorithms can also be used in blockchain .

1.4 The currency ( Digital currency ) Relationship with blockchain

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are applications based on blockchain technology , Bitcoin has a set of rules , Each block is calculated , Get a certain amount of bitcoin , Bitcoin and its transaction information are recorded on each block . Generally speaking , Bitcoin is a record on the blockchain .

1.5 Blockchain technology summary

Go through the above analysis , We summarize several characteristics of blockchain :

One is that blockchain can be used to store data or information ;

Second, the information stored in the blockchain can hardly be changed ( Unless block by block Hash);

Third, every node of the blockchain is equal , There is no difference between the control side and the client side , That is commonly known as decentralization .

Two 、 Other blockchain related technologies

2.1 Intelligent contract

Intelligent contract (Smart contract) Technology in 90 s , It's based on a pre-determined agreement , Automatic program based on computer , There is no need for human intervention in the whole process . Smart contract effectively reduces the transaction cost . Popular speaking , We shop online , Need business 、 Buyers and Alipay's three party participation , If the business and buyer transaction process is credible enough , Then the third party like Alipay has no need to participate. , Greatly save transaction costs .

Because the problem of trust cannot be solved , Smart contract only stays in theory , And blockchain technology just makes up for the lack of trust .

2.2 Multiple consensus algorithm

Consensus algorithm is also called consensus mechanism , It is used to solve the problem of data synchronization in distributed deployment . for example , In the above blockchain network , A node receives two block chain entry requests at the same time , Which node should be added , This requires consensus algorithm to judge . Common consensus algorithms are : Authority to prove (Proof of authority)、 Proof of personality (Proof of personhood)、 Space proof (Proof of space)、 Proof of interest (Proof of stake)、 Proof of workload (Proof of work) etc. , I won't introduce it in detail .

2.3 Distributed fault tolerance mechanism

Fault tolerance mechanism is to solve the problem of distributed node network , Data error 、 Malicious attacks and other issues .

3、 ... and 、 The application of blockchain

At present , The main application of blockchain is digital currency such as bitcoin , The value of blockchain has not been fully exploited , In the foreseeable future , Blockchain is not suitable for more detailed application scenarios , Such as online shopping 、 Transfer, etc , And play a role in solving trust between organizations or institutions .

First, to solve the problem of international trust . In cross border trade 、 International cooperation 、 Currency settlement 、 Establish equal trust relationship in stock futures trading, etc , Further promote the development of Globalization . For example, some experts put forward “ In one belt, one road block is first pushed. ”.

Second, data sharing based on blockchain . Taking government data sharing as an example , Building government affairs blockchain within the government , Traditional data sharing needs to build a complex exchange mechanism , And the sharing mechanism based on blockchain , Can accurately record the information of citizens and legal persons , Each department only needs to establish a local node and join the blockchain network , Update the records of the Department to the chain , The node departments on the blockchain can obtain all the shared data based on the smart contract , Without complicated confirmation and audit .

Third, as a deposit , In intellectual property 、 Transaction records 、 In the scene of registration, etc , Using blockchain as the certificate keeping credential . In the current general application , The so-called blockchains are dominated by powerful parties , Lack of multi-party participation to form consensus , It's hard to form trust . Based on mutual trust , Building and Sharing Alliance chain is the future application direction .

Four 、 Blockchain development policy

Policy level , Blockchain technology has been upgraded to an unprecedented height .

2019 year 10 month 24 On the afternoon of Sunday , The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development . It emphasizes that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation , We should take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology , Define the main direction of attack , Increase investment , Strive to conquer a number of key core technologies , Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation .

stay “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Plan for ( The draft ) in , The blockchain will be included in the planning :“ Cultivate and strengthen artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 Cloud computing 、 Network security and other emerging digital industries , Upgrade communication equipment 、 Core electronic components 、 Key software industry level .”

“ Driving smart contracts 、 Multiple consensus algorithm 、 Asymmetric encryption algorithm 、 Distributed fault tolerance mechanism and other technological innovation , Focus on alliance chain, develop blockchain service platform and financial technology 、 Supply chain management 、 Government services and other fields , Improve the regulatory mechanism .”

It should be noted that , The national blockchain application adopts the record system , according to 《 Block chain information service management requirements 》,“ The blockchain information service provider shall fill in the name of the service provider through the blockchain information service record management system of the state Internet Information Office within 10 working days from the date of providing the service 、 Service category 、 Form of service 、 Application field 、 Server address and other information , Go through the filing procedures ”.

5、 ... and 、 summary

1. Blockchain is a chain storage structure , It can be used to record data , Similar file or notepad .

2. Blockchain based on trust and consensus , Data cannot be changed , It's like the file is invalid .

3. Bitcoin is an application based on blockchain technology , Not to be confused with blockchain .

4. Blockchain technology is a highly supported digital technology in China , It's also the direction of future development .

5. future , Application of blockchain technology in international cooperation 、 Data sharing 、 financial transactions 、 Trusted authentication is widely used in many fields , It's also the key to wealth growth .

6. The current application of blockchain is not mature , It must be a scam to make you rich by joining the blockchain .

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