Sumswap wants to challenge and surpass uniswap

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sumswap wants challenge surpass uniswap


2020 In the second half of the year ,DEFI The field is surging , One is called Uniswap A new unicorn was born , It shook the whole thing DEFI field , Become a popular star in the field of encryption assets .


Uniswap It is a decentralized exchange developed by Ethereum smart contract , Because of its groundbreaking adoption of AMM Liquidity market making and X×y=Z The mathematical transaction model of , It subverts the traditional order book transaction , Breaking the traditional decentralization, the trading speed of the exchange is slow 、 The defect of low circulation , So it quickly dominated the whole area of decentralized exchanges .


soon , The other is called Sushiswap The project of Uniswap Code for , It's also rapidly becoming popular . but Sushiswap In addition to issuing platform pass , There's not much innovation .


For the fast-paced blockchain industry ,DEFI The market seems to have entered the second half , It's basically hard to recreate compelling projects .


But one the The team composed of mathematical extreme pursuers and blockchain experts is doing the opposite , The The team is British SumSwap The team , They think that DEFI It's the future of blockchain , And the current DEFI product Of The competition is just beginning . After analyzing dozens of DeFi Careful study of the project After the discovery , Really let DEFI The reason for its popularity is mathematical innovation , Only mathematical innovation can develop truly eye-catching projects .


With that in mind , It took months , The team developed a pioneering mathematical model of DEFI project , The product is SumSwap Decentralised trading agreements . Team developers think , take SumSwap Combined with this mathematical model , Fully capable of challenging and surpassing Uniswap The king's position of .



SumSwap The team comes from a group of developers who pursue the ultimate in mathematics and blockchain , On numerous DEFI After in-depth study , The team found that this time DEFI The explosion of mathematics comes largely from the innovation of mathematics , Like all kinds of Mathematical Trading Models , It's this time DEFI The reason for the boom .


SumSwap Standing on the shoulders of giants , Grasp the essence of the problem , stay Uniswap and Sushiswap On the basis of mathematical innovation , And then created a set of communication 、 Application and sustainable development in a decentralized trading platform , It's enough to challenge or even subvert Uniswap Products .


One 、 differ Sushiswap and Uniswap The disorder of the issuance of circulars ,SumSwap Platform pass SUM According to an accurate mathematical model , Every block, every period SUM The output of the company has been carefully calculated .SUM Total number of issues 3.2 Billion , among 90% By mining every day , The mining time is calculated according to the Ethereum block , about 10 It will be finished in about two years .


Two 、SumSwap Original features Staking Mechanism , Including holding SUM Staking And ecology Staking, In the daily output of SUM in , among 40% Used to hold SUM Staking, in addition 40% For Ecology Staking. a SUM Staking It means that as long as anyone holds a certain amount SUM Pass people can share the daily information through this function SUM Productive 40%, This mechanism is calculated by special mathematical algorithm , This kind of algorithm can break up SUM whale , Let each user hold SUM The amount is more even , So it's better for the whole SumSwap Ecological balance and stable development ; ecology Staking Also designed a sophisticated mathematical algorithm , This algorithm makes the ecology of invitation more powerful , The ecology of acquisition Staking The more , And ecological Staking It also has the function of breaking up the big whale families , It's very conducive to the growth of the community .


3、 ... and 、 In the trading sector ,SumSwap collect 3‰ Service Charge , among 2‰ Assigned to AMM Liquidity providers , The remaining 1‰ It belongs to the project party , This section is for SUM Regular repo of token , Dividend of nodes and development of subsequent platforms .


Four 、 everyday SUM Productive 20% be used for LP Token Mining plate , By adding fluidity to the flow cell, you can get LP Token, these LP Token They can dig in the mines they support SUM.SumSwap The migration function is also set up ,Uniswap and Sushiswap Hot LP Token Can be found in SumSwap Pit excavation SUM, When the time is right, these flow pools can be moved to SumSwap.


SumSwap Mathematics is law 、 Code is the principle of law , Through a unique mathematical design ,SumSwap At the bottom, there are and Uniswap Competitive capital ,DEFI The market is in competition ,SumSwap It will be a great success .

Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwa After Wei Wei 1365   0593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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