Atfx and onezero join forces to build a new finance, science and technology help finance new ecology

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atfx onezero join forces build

ATFX Is an award-winning contract for difference broker , Global presence , Including London 、 dubai 、 Mexico 、 Hong Kong, China, 、 Taiwan, China 、 Thailand 、 Malaysia 、 Vietnam and the Philippines , Provide more than 20 There are three kinds of docking languages to serve local customers .

meanwhile ,ATFX Support over 100 A variety of tradable financial assets , Including financial transactions 、 noble metal 、 energy 、 Indexes and stocks traded in the form of contracts for differences , And the financial conduct authority (FCA)、 Cyprus securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)、 The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC) And the financial services authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (FSA) Joint supervision .

In order to provide better service to institutional customers ,ATFX Released a new financial technology trading platform ——ATFX Connect.ATFX Connect And oneZero Software companies have jointly established a multi-dimensional architecture platform , Once the platform is released , Its powerful functional system is supported by many investors , It has also caused heated discussion in the financial market .

ATFX Connect adopt oneZero Architecture of , Improve the liquidity pricing mechanism of its contract for difference products . and ,oneZero Bridge Solution( Bridging solutions ) by ATFX Institutional clients offer flexibility 、 Adaptive Trading Technology , It can be used for the execution of multi asset class transactions 、 Distribution and Analysis .


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With the help of oneZero Services provided , combination ATFX With the development of financial technology and the continuous improvement of brand influence ,ATFX Connect Our existing customer base has been further expanded . A multi-dimensional platform is suitable for people who want to go through Fix API( Application interface ) or GUI( Graphical user interface ) The client of the deal , Their trading environment has risen directly to the top of the financial market , And the trading speed and liquidity depth have also reached the top level of the industry .


ATFX Managing director of the UK Wei Qiang Zhang Express :

“ oneZero Bridge by ATFX Connect Provides flexibility 、 Powerful technology solutions , Can effectively support our strong liquidity pool and tailor-made service package for enterprise customers . We will continue to work with oneZero close cooperation , Help... By providing customers with a wider range of financial instruments ATFX Expanding its institutional business and increasing its market share .”


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On the other hand , through ATFX Connect Use top-notch server deployment strategies , utilize oneZero Bridge the world's top Equnix NY4、 LD4 And TY3 Financial transaction data center , Connecting the primary banking system , In the world, more than 1800 An Internet service provider , From New York 、 Tokyo and London, the three leading financial centers, offer fast transaction execution delays as low as milliseconds , In support of 300 nano seconds( nanosecond ) The following high frequency trading .

ATFX Connect Through diverse products and market access , To provide traders with absolutely competitive G10 currency 、 Precious metals and non settlement foreign exchange forward contracts exceed 65 It's a quote transaction , And support all kinds of orders , Including options and orders to execute transactions .



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ATFX Director of operations, UK institutional professional clients Matthew Porter Yes oneZero Comments made :

“oneZero Flexibility allows us to have complete control over the aggregation of information 、 Pricing mechanism and risk management process , So that we can customize and adjust liquidity , To meet customer expectations .”



▲ATFX Director of operations, UK institutional professional clients


In the institutional market ,ATFX Management's vision is to expand the company's global reach as a broker , And continue to provide institutional customers with its award-winning liquidity and customer service .

stay 2020 year ,ATFX Connect In Europe, 《 International wealth and Finance 》 The magazine (Wealth & Finance) In the annual financial technology award , Won the “ The best institutional business broker ” The title of . Behind the honor , It's right ATFX Long term emphasis on the affirmation of financial technology research and development , It's also true ATFX Dedicated to improving the customer service experience .


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since ATFX Connect Since the launch of the platform , Get the choice of many multimedia and institutional customers , This is enough to show that the platform has been recognized by the market , This also shows that ATFX More and more with professional ability and product innovation ability in the financial field .

these years , From a single retailer to the world's leading contract for differences broker ,ATFX Stick to it all the way “ Customer first ” Idea , It has become a leading financial technology company in technological innovation and professionalism , Benefit global customers with the technology of financial technology . future ,ATFX Will continue to dig deep into the financial market , To provide customers with better and better service .


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