In depth understanding of NGK public chain consensus mechanism innovation

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depth understanding ngk public chain

As a veteran asset in the field of encryption , The currency 、 Ethereum has an unshakable position , But with the development of technology and market , Its shortcomings are increasingly prominent . Slow speed 、 The cost is high 、 The difficulty of mining has soared 、 The impossibility of fairness, efficiency and security makes bitcoin and Ethereum have visible ceiling , At the same time, it also provides a breakthrough direction for many public chains .

There are countless projects dedicated to overcoming the Impossible Triangle ,Diss It seems that Ethereum has also become a part of the public chain project “ Consensus ”, But there are still many public chains facing the increasingly centralized nodes 、 Ecological construction is slow and so on , It even became the capital game of institutional giant whale for a time , A large part of the reason behind this lies in the issue of consensus mechanism .



Public chain is the foundation of ecology , The consensus mechanism is the core of the public chain ,NGK Realize that you want to make a breakthrough in the field of public chain , We must innovate in the consensus mechanism .

NGK It is a popular black horse project in the public chain market recently , Advanced smart contract mode is adopted , Through stable currency USDN The value of the main network of value currency NGK Integrate consensus to build assets , And innovatively put forward DPOSS Consensus mechanism, rights and interests proof mechanism .

stay DPOSS Under the consensus mechanism , Users do not need professional mining machine , just USDN Net assets of stable currency and a contract stamp activation code , Can be NGK Common chain node miner . Nodes different from other consensus models ,NGK Ordinary nodes do not have to bear the responsibility of governance , Want to further become a super node , You need to participate in the production of network blocks 、 pack 、 Transaction verification and bookkeeping , To get a reward and become a super node .

NGK The super node under the system does not use the mode of community election and voting , Completely decentralized , You don't need to have a fan base , And you don't have to promise other users dividends to get community votes to increase the possibility of becoming a super node , Everyone can participate and have equal opportunities .NGK The team thinks , The nodes that generate real value are more powerful and persuasive in building communities , So in the face of super nodes , Everyone is equal .

NGK Twenty one global super nodes are deployed in the main network of the public chain , All super nodes enjoy equal rights and benefits , Can enjoy the output of mining and NGK All the transactions in the net result in GAS Fee sharing , At the same time, the super node also bears the same obligation , That is, the super node should have the responsibility of maintaining the network ecology .

Generally speaking , Super node is an indispensable role to maintain the normal operation of the network , So for devices 、 Technology, stability and other factors have higher requirements , Virtually increased the threshold of user participation , In order to really give everyone equal opportunities ,NGK The main network of public chain adopts the mode of server centralized hosting configuration and distributed management , Unify the standardization consideration and cost control of physical server and cloud server , from NGK The technical team provides technology and maintenance , Responsible for the construction of computer room 、 Server leasing 、 management , While lowering the entrance threshold of super nodes , It also greatly enhances the stability of super nodes , Put an end to the disconnection caused by poor management 、 The risk of downtime and super nodes doing evil .

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