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2020 year 7 month 4 Japan , Wanxiang blockchain lab 、 Singapore new leap University of Social Sciences and Babbitt jointly launched 2020 The China New Area blockchain Leaders Forum was broadcast live in China and Singapore simultaneously . This forum invited excellent experts of block chain industry in Zhongxin district 、 scholars 、 entrepreneurs , Interpretation of hot issues in the industry 、 Share the latest information , It has built a bridge for communication between the two countries' blockchain industries .

On this forum , Dr. Xiao Feng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, delivered a speech entitled “ What is the application value of blockchain ” Keynote speech of , The full text is as follows :


Distinguished guests , Hello everyone ! I'm very glad to 2020 The New District block chain leadership forum can be successfully held today . As one of the organizers , On behalf of Wanxiang blockchain, I welcome you all . today , What I want to share with you is —— Where is the application value of blockchain ?

Enter into 2020 year , The application of blockchain is in full swing . however , How to use blockchain ? How to maximize the value of blockchain ? It has become a hot topic recently . Recognize the application value of blockchain , It's better to compare it with other technologies in the long history . therefore , Let's review the development of basic technology in the past 100 years .

At the end of the 19th century , Edison 、 Nicola · tesla 、 Great inventors like Marconi invented electricity 、 The telegraph 、 Telephone 、 telecommunications . The invention of these new technologies is concentrated in the United States . At the end of the 19th century , The United States can establish itself as a global economic superpower , And it's leading communications technology 、 The invention of electrification 、 Creation and innovation , There's a very big relationship .

These communications technologies 、 Electrification Technology , It's what we usually say “CT technology ”. Communication technology , Including electricity 、 Telephone 、 The telegraph 、 Wireless communications and mobile communications that continue to this day ( Such as 5G) etc. .

In the 1970s and 1980s , A new revolution in basic technology is happening again . This technological revolution is called the information technology revolution . That's what we often say IT Technology is evolving , It includes computers 、 operating system 、 Software tools 、 Internet 、 The Internet of things etc. .

At the beginning of this century , The third iteration of basic technology . We call this round of new technology innovation “ Digital technology ” Innovation . The innovation of digital technology contains , That's what we're going to talk about today , Block chaining 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Cryptography encryption algorithm 、 Genetic engineering, etc . I personally put this together as digital technology .


In the last 100 years , Basic technology has experienced three iterations of innovation . With the innovation and development of basic technology , The industrial structure has also undergone three major upgrades .

At the end of the 19th century , With “CT technology ” The development of , Under the leadership of the United States , The world has entered the age of electrification . Many famous enterprises were born in that period , such as GE、IBM, And then there was the famous AT&T. Into the last century , On the basis of the information technology revolution , The industrial structure has been upgraded for the second time . In this period , A number of star enterprises based on information technology were born , Such as IBM、Microsoft as well as Intel.

By the beginning of this century , With the basic technology iterating from information technology to digital technology , There are also some star enterprises born , such as Google、Tesla etc. . Of course , There is also one that has become a star enterprise in the era of information technology —— Microsoft .

This is the upgrading of the industrial structure brought about by the invention and creation of basic technology in the past century . In the process of the leap of industrial structure , What kind of ups and downs has the enterprise gone through ?

We're in the first three stages , Select four representative enterprises .

The first company was GE.GE The market value of our company has gone from the most glorious time to 6000 More than 100 million has dropped to tens of billions of dollars now . Look carefully and you will find ,GE In the 1970s , The core business foundation has not been upgraded successfully . It has always stayed in the age of electrification .

Under the pressure of Wall Street , jack · Welch takes over CEO What strategies have been adopted since then ? First of all , Take fine management . use 6 Sigma And refined management to extract marginal efficiency . second , Take the road of industrial finance . In Jack · Welch leaves CEO In this position ,GE More than half of the profits come from the financial business , Instead of the original core industry .2008 The financial crisis in exposed its infrastructure problems thoroughly , The core business foundation has not been successfully upgraded to information technology , yes GE The crux of the business dilemma .

The second company is IBM. There is such a Book , It's called 《 Who says elephants can't dance 》. This book is about being an enterprise born in the 19th century , How in the 1970s and 1980s , Successfully from the core business based on Electrification Technology , Upgrade to an information-based business . this end “ Elephant ” I learned to dance , It means that the upgrade was successful . In the information age ,IBM Very successful in resuming its glory .

The third company is Microsoft. Microsoft is a typical star enterprise in the information technology era . After entering this century , Microsoft also has a business dilemma . Bill Gates is now in a hurry . The new Microsoft management who knows digital technology and the new era very well , Success leads the enterprise to brilliance , It's been upgraded to the digital age . Microsoft's market value has gone from the lowest point 3000 Billion dollars , It's now 13000 Billion dollars .

And what we just talked about IBM, In the past decade or so , There are not many bright spots in business operation , The performance is also very bad , The market value has also fallen sharply . But this year (2020 year ),IBM Also updated management , Last year, I bought an open source software company at a high price .( This may mean )IBM And determined to , It's the beginning of a transformation in the digital age .

It is hard to imagine , In the digital age , You'll package some AI algorithms as hardware and sell them to your customers . Everyone uses the cloud 、 use API To provide algorithmic Services . but IBM Once its artificial intelligence algorithm was made into a machine , It's called Watson. Sell your algorithmic capabilities in the form of hardware , It's a product of the information age . The digital age , Enterprises need to provide cloud services . The best algorithm ability , Should use the API Let others call , Instead of building a machine in the house , Providing services through machines . This is a very typical practice in the information age .IBM Taking this approach to the digital age , I think this is a very important ideological reason for its poor management in the past decade .

The fourth company is Tesla. Tesla is a new species born in the digital age , Just like Microsoft in the age of information technology . As of today (2020.07.04), Tesla's market value has exceeded 2000 Billion dollars , More than the total market value of five or six traditional automobile enterprises .

Based on the basic technology of the past 100 years 、 Industrial structure 、 Changes in business institutions , We have come to a preliminary conclusion : Any technology 、 Any industry 、 Changes in any business , We must firmly focus on the changes and iterative development of basic technology . You have to build on the basic technology , To upgrade and iterate your industry 、 business 、 product .

Back to blockchain technology and blockchain applications . Blockchain is the core basic technology of digital economy . How to use blockchain to upgrade our industrial structure ? Or iterate our business model ?


There are two “ road ”.

Article 1 with a “ road ” It's reconstruction or innovation . Here are two very typical representatives .

One is Tesla , It reconstructs the car . It uses a whole set of digital technology to make the industrial revolution the most typical 、 The most brilliant achievement —— The auto industry has completely restructured . Cars are always there , But the way cars are made has changed . Traditional cars have 30000 Parts , And electric cars just need 3000 Multiple parts . The physical structure of an electric car looks very simple , The most valuable is software , For example, its automatic driving system . This is a typical case of reconstructing tradition . The industrial revolution 、 Many of the great achievements of industrial economy need to be reconstructed .

The other is Ethereum . It's totally innovative , It brings out the greatest value of blockchain as a digital technology .

Second “ road ” It's continuation or improvement . Continue the old industry , Or old industries 、 The old structure is improved . There are also many cases of this improvement . For example, we use blockchain as a storage card 、 Tracing the source , This is an improvement on the marginal effect of traditional industries 、 improvement , But it's not a revolution . Some people use blockchain for supply chain management , It's also an improvement . The improvement of traditional things will improve the marginal effect , But it's not going to be disruptive 、 The explosion of value .

therefore , Blockchain as a basic technology , To really move towards application , Make the most of your application , There must be an integrated innovation of various technologies .

Using blockchain to store certificates 、 Tracing , Basically, the distributed database inside the blockchain is used ; If you add a more decentralized business organization , So it's used P2P The Internet ; If the programmability of disintermediation is used in this business , So smart contracts are used ; If data privacy computing is involved in the business process , So we use cryptography , Some cryptographic techniques are integrated . Last , If you also use economic models and incentive models in innovative business , Then you use digital currency and many other technologies in it .

Blockchain is the core basic technology of digital economy . If you want to maximize its value , You need integrated innovation , Instead of just focusing on one of its features , Do something on a certain characteristic .

In addition to making integrated innovation in the field of blockchain Technology , Really build a new digital economy 、 New business model , You need to integrate a lot of other digital technologies . Only the integration of many new technologies , Only in this way can we get a lot of new opportunities in the field of innovative digital economy 、 Valuable business models . such as , The Internet and the Internet of things enable you to collect huge amounts of data at a very low cost , More data creates value ; Cloud computing makes it easy for you to 、 Low cost storage 、 Computing these huge amounts of data ; If data occurs on the blockchain ,( everyone ) It doesn't need a third-party trust agency to trust these massive data at a low cost ; cryptography 、 Privacy computing algorithms , It's a great way to protect these private data ; Finally, using artificial intelligence , A collection of various application algorithms , Analyze and use this data .

Digital economy is born in the integration and innovation of these digital technologies .

Last , Let's go back to the theme —— Where is the greatest value of blockchain applications ? No, I'm not , Not in Supply Chain Finance , And in restructuring or innovating production relations . We need to innovate and restructure production relations , You need to aggregate smart contracts 、 Privacy computing 、 Artificial intelligence and other technologies .

From a platform perspective, business , It can be summed up in three patterns .

The first is the typical model of the industrial revolution , Or the most typical model in the age of electrification , namely Unilateral platform . Make a product , Facing customers through one-way sales channels , Want to be as standardized as possible , Sell one product to as many customers as possible . In the period of unilateral platform, the pursuit is scale effect .

The second is Bilateral platforms . It is a product of the information age .Uber、 sound of dripping water , The most typical bilateral platform . Bilateral platform can bring network effect to business .

The third is Multilateral platforms . Into the digital age , Thanks to a series of digital technologies , We from “ Bilateral platforms ” The business trend of “ Multilateral platforms ”. The participants are very broad , They may not have any kind of relationship with each other , But we're going to get involved like we're going to build an ecosystem .

The business effect that multilateral platform can achieve finally is an ecology . therefore , From scale effect to network effect , Finally, it's superimposed into an ecological effect . The real ecological effect is to live forever 、 It goes on and on , It's the most vigorous business form . It takes multilateral platforms to achieve , And blockchain is to make all stakeholders very smooth 、 At a very low cost, we can work together to create an ecological effect, a tool for restructuring or reconstructing production relations . this , This is the most valuable part of blockchain applications .

That's the end of my sharing today , Thank you. .

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