IPFs & filecoin in the digital era

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ipfs filecoin digital era

China has entered a new era of infrastructure 、 In the era of digital economy 、 The new era of computing power , The state vigorously supports the blockchain technology industry , Committed to the construction of Digital China . Because of AI 、 big data 、5 G Such as the rapid development of high technology and the implementation of urgent needs , Explosive data storage scenarios , Exponential growth , Massive storage requirements ,IPFS Interstellar file distributed storage technology has become the head project of blockchain technology innovation . The government 、 Big enterprises are laying out one after another ,IPFS At an incredible speed , To the digital age ,IPFS Distributed storage technology is a powerful tool to lead the digital transformation of the industry !

The promulgation of national policies , The east wind of industry trend ,“ Morton capital · Fansi cloud storage Hangzhou Operation Center “ Follow the trend .“ Morton capital · Fansi cloud storage Hangzhou Operation Center “ As a professional engaged in distributed storage server software and hardware development 、 Ecological investment and incubation of blockchain distributed storage network 、 Research and development of distributed storage network core technology 、 High tech enterprises with distributed network infrastructure construction, such as supercomputer chip design and development, are bound to be in IPFS There is much to be done in ecology .

IPFS It's a distributed network that stores important information about human society , Its future is : Mainly used for global network data , Store references , Searching for documents on the Internet and so on .IPFS Immeasurable prospects , Let it be the only incentive layer Filecoin Token has become the hottest item at present . Only 5 Months Filecoin The backbone network has become a milestone . The global Filecoin Network distributed storage has exceeded 3.6 EB, Whether it's Filecoin Or distributed storage , Its achievements are amazing .

Two days before ,Filecoin The trading volume of token is the largest in the world , Has exceeded the total transaction volume of bitcoin and Ethereum , Bitcoin achieved today's results with 10 year , and Filecoin It took less than a year . Grayscale 、 morgan 、 The admission of large investment institutions such as Jushi capital is optimistic IPFS The development prospect of distributed storage technology . Decentralized, efficient and secure distributed storage is destined to become the mainstream technology . The more storage you need ,Filecoin The greater the demand ,IPFS&Filecoin As the strongest trend at the moment , It is bound to leap to a new stage !

IPFS&Filecoin The most special thing is that it is not a pure coin digging project , It was born to break the centralized monopoly , To provide a safe, convenient, efficient, low-cost and low bandwidth distributed storage technology , It is undoubtedly the last significant technological change in the data storage industry . Ordinary people don't have the opportunity to participate in the traditional data storage industry , But distributed storage can , It can make everyone a node , As long as you contribute your own storage space , You can get Filecoin token economy . It lowers the entry threshold , Give ordinary investors a chance to get on the bus .

IPFS&Filecoin As the biggest consensus and the biggest value blockchain project in the world, it has the significance of the times , While being sought after by global capital , It is also the cornerstone of promoting blockchain as the first data storage revolution in human history . The future development policy direction of the country is all pointing to the blockchain 3.0 and Web3.0 The era of distributed storage technology is the foundation .IPFS There is no doubt that it will be the next phenomenal product after bitcoin , Leading the next stage of blockchain industry , Trend is king ,Filecoin It has become a hot investment project , Eight top VCs and investors , Bitcoin holders continue to increase their holdings ,Filecoin The risk has been filtered , And for investing in digital money , It's better to fry than to hoard , Better to dig than to hoard , You're on the journey of mining . Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia Hospital :http://www.120zybbyy.com/

Fansi cloud storage self contact IPFS after , The core technology team started to study distributed storage technology , Years of diving , Now amazing International , With effective computing power and burst block rate, it is in the leading position in the industry , It has become the world's leading blockchain distributed data center service provider , The future will be devoted to Filecoin Research and development of mining machinery 、 Mine construction 、 Mining pool development 、IPFS Ecological investment incubation 、 Research and development of distributed storage technology, etc .

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