What is IPFs / filecoin and the real value of filecoin

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ipfs filecoin real value filecoin

at present Filecoin The computing power of the whole network has reached a high level , Blockchain distributed storage represents scale expansion , Entering the value landing stage ,IPFS/Filecoin It's not simply about storing data and information , It's an important system of data storage , Blockchain distributed storage is essentially a data resource technology . Based on the new data center and new data platform , Through distributed and intelligent storage system to achieve extensive storage of information and data , Distributed storage system is an important platform for data value transmission ,IPFS/Filecoin Our vision is to store the most important information of human society in a distributed network . At present, the form of Internet is in the process of development and reform , In this process, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects .

One 、 Centralized services are replaced by decentralized open services .

Two 、 Entity guaranteed trust is being replaced by verifiable trust .

3、 ... and 、 Temporary location 、 Addresses are being replaced by long-term content-based addresses .

Four 、 Inefficient oligopolistic entities have also been replaced by decentralized markets based on point-to-point algorithms .

Based on this goal ,Filecoin Establish interconnection 、 A unified, decentralized storage market . In this network , Users are free to choose service personnel , Transaction transparency , The network can guarantee the execution of the transaction through the algorithm . In a freely circulating data platform , Protecting personal privacy is more important . In centralized storage , Users often can't choose a trusted platform . The platform provides security and privacy protection with its own technology . Zhengzhou which treatment vulva leukoplakia hospital is good :http://m.39bbyy.com/

On the other hand , Because it's stored in Filecoin More decentralized network storage service providers . The security and privacy of user data are more guaranteed . In theory , But blockchain is the most popular IPFS/Filecoin One of the biggest functions is to be a distributed leader , Technology uses blockchain to run completely in a distributed mode , Such a system can prevent malicious software network attacks , So security can also protect data , And through content addressable ipfs The network is not changeable , It is impossible for a user to edit a file . Each change creates a new file , adopt ipfs Built in tools , Miners can let users add , Delete , Move , Edit the file , update link , When data becomes the seventh generation factor of production , Distributed storage and centralized storage will be more secure .

in general , stay IPFS/Filecoin Constructed web 3.0 In the network , User data is encrypted and stored 、 Selectively share 、 transaction , Encryption of user data is performed on the user's side , And through the participation of blockchain , Encryption is saved and shared in blockchain transactions , Realize the subversion of network and the centralization of real application , Future information and value combination .

Magic calculation of fire and thunder IPFS As an industry leader IPFS Distributed storage server providers , Mainly provide ipfs Mining with full capacity 、ipfs mill 、ipfs Mining pool cluster sales and recruitment of national agents . Huolei Shensuan focuses on supercomputing IPFS Mining machinery cluster solution . Super configuration 、 High cost performance 、 High packaging efficiency 、 Professional operation and maintenance 、 Industry leader .

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