What is the mining principle of filecoin? What is the prospect of filecoin mining?

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For now , A lot of friends are right about filecoin There is a general understanding , But it's all one-sided introductions . Let's make an overview of the two issues that our friends are more concerned about , One is Filecoin What is the principle of mining ? The other is Filecoin What's the prospect of mining ? This article hopes to help you understand Filecoin Mining has a deep understanding of .

Filecoin Mining principle :

Concept ---- What is? Filecoin, Actually Filecoin It's a distributed storage network based on blockchain mechanism .

Filecoin Miners can choose to provide networked storage , Obtain by periodically generating an encryption certificate that proves that it is providing a specified capacity Filecoin Cryptocurrency (FIL). Cryptocurrency FIL It's a user of communication resources ( user ) And resource providers ( The miners ) The intermediary bridge of ,filecoin The agreement has two trading markets , Data retrieval and data storage , Both sides submit their demands in the market , Conclude a transaction .


Filecoin dig , Need to know the following :

  1. Mining needs pledge ratio and Gas cost
  2. Linear release ----- Can use Filecoin To encourage long-term cooperation , Encourage all stakeholders to work together , send Filecoin The Internet is more valuable in the future , In short, it is to maintain the stability of the market , All mining rewards go through this form of release , To encourage long-term network adjustment . The miner's reward for mining that day , among 75% Will be in 180 Linear release within days , and 25% Then release directly , This can greatly improve the cash flow of miners .
  3. redundancy ----- Used to repeatedly configure some system data , When the system fails , Redundant configuration of data will be connected and bear the work of the fault components . This will prevent the number of system failures .

Filecoin Mining prospect

There is no doubt that Filecoin It's a leading project in the field of distributed storage , With the continuous development of computer technology , More and more data is being produced , According to statistics , Every year, new data is growing geometrically . And with the development of Internet of things technology and 5G The constant popularization of technology , The speed of data production will also accelerate .2017 year ,Filecoin The project in 1 I got it in an hour 1.86 Billion dollars , In the end, the total raised to 2.57 Billion dollars , It is one of the largest scale financing in the history of blockchain .


To sum up ,Filecoin Blockchain industry is in the stage of development , It's an industry that can run with oligarchs , There are plenty of opportunities .Filecoin The prospect of mining is very good . So for a lot of friends who are still waiting, this is a huge opportunity . That's right Filecoin Mining principle and Filecoin The prospect of mining An analysis of development , If you want to know more, please contact Xiaobian .

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