Is it the best time to buy and sell bitcoin?

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best time buy sell bitcoin

as everyone knows , Every four years , The number of bitcoins awarded to miners will be halved , What's coming is the third half . at present , It's about... A day 1800 A new bitcoin , Every block mined , Miners can get 12.5 A bitcoin reward , Next year, 5 Month will drop to every block Award 6.25 Bitcoin , return guppy All previous times of the special coin have been halved , Half for the first time ,2012 year , Up 13000%, Half the second time ,2016 year , Up 12000%, Bitcoin prices from 650 The dollar rose around to close to 2 Ten thousand dollars , It's still the highest price in history so far , This is the third time , Let's look forward to next year 5 month . After halving, the reward for miners is lower , They will stop mining or keep their own bitcoin , Until the new price compensates for the cost of mining . And other goods / Similar assets , The supply and demand of bitcoin will change together , Bitcoin has created a new equilibrium price for an increasingly scarce asset .

Many people familiar with cryptocurrency saw the potential for profit before the halving incident , And began to change their positions a long time before the incident . since 2009 Cryptocurrency was launched in —— Since bitcoin , The whole cryptocurrency market is bullish , And get rapid development . up to now , There has been more than 4000 Tokens ( Cryptocurrency other than bitcoin ) Be created . however , Cryptocurrency has also been criticized for its great volatility . Especially for novice investors , It's very difficult to keep an eye on market changes all the time . Now , Many virtual currency investors will use technology to assist online investment decisions , For example, using data collector to automatically obtain valuable data from multiple data sources , And store data in structured format for further analysis . Usually , Data collection has the following effects on virtual currency investors 2 Value : Historical data collection and Analysis . Collect historical data of virtual currency for comprehensive market analysis . Monitor the real-time price of virtual currency . Real time collection of money prices , You can be like a professional trader , There is a quick response to the market 、 Real time judgment .

The value of bitcoin has risen in design over time , With bitcoin trading increasing every day around the world , Bitcoin cap and per 10 Less bitcoin per minute ( The recent 7 month 10 Half bitcoin implemented ), The value of bitcoin will continue to rise in the foreseeable future . The dollar and many other fiat currencies depreciate every year , This is due to inflation , That is, the money supply increases . Bitcoin is designed to be deflationary . The supply of bitcoin has declined again from now on , It's called bitcoin ‘ halve ’, Reduce the number of bitcoins produced every ten minutes . The dollar has no production limit on quantity , So it could be inflated by orders from the government or the central bank group . Paper money ( Legal tender ) Usually because of trying to pay off the excess debt , Or inflation to pay for the war . And with bitcoin , No debt , Inflation and bloodshed . I would say that we are moving towards a good start in thinking . The currency Now there's the battle of forks , But the market is more stable , Prove that many countries around the world need . If you split a coin into two . Actually , With the increasing importance of digital economy , As a hedge against risk , Under the current macro environment, bitcoin is an encrypted currency , Affected by the positive endorsement of mainstream cryptocurrencies and the potential devaluation of currencies such as the US dollar , It's getting more attention from institutions and investors , Is the main reason behind the surge . But deeper , Bitcoin shows the precise encoding of the earlier invisible value of the technology community , It's not just software , Maybe we can redefine the value of Technology . Once people realize that blockchain is encrypted and secure , Protect the public database of cryptocurrency holders , It will soon be clear that the same applies to digital stocks 、 bond 、 goods 、 Financial derivatives 、 Loans and other financial assets . For the global market , Mid March is an extraordinary time . We see S & P 500 The largest one-day percentage gain and the second largest one-day decline in the index . In the most extreme week , Stocks , bond , Cryptocurrency , gold , All markets, such as real estate, are driven by macro factors , But this close relationship has shown signs of returning to normal . If you just peel a little bit , The long-term irrelevance will become apparent . By 2020 year 3 month 31 Japanese 12 Months , Bitcoin is up 55%, And standard & Poor's 500 The index is down 8%. In the past three years , The number is bitcoin + 463%, The s&p 500 by + 16%.

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