Filecoin information: fil heat rise, filecoin may jump to the second largest mining ecology

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filecoin information fil heat rise

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Filecoin Unlike bitcoin mining , Bitcoin mining relies on computing power , It depends on CPU、GPU and ASIC This kind of high-end chip .Filecoin The requirement for bandwidth and hard disk hardware is relatively high . That's what determines bitcoin and Filecoin The essence of mining machinery is also different , The essence of bitcoin mining machine is data computing equipment . but Filecoin The essence of mining machine is data storage device .

  1. Except for bitcoin mining There is no other use ;ETH In addition to digging ETH, Graphics card and other parts can be pulled out send use ; and Filecoin You can go to the Supercomputing Center and change it a little Reengage use .
  2. Bitcoin mining machine Yes Dissipate heat The demand is higher , On the contrary, they don't have high requirements for the external environment ; Video card miner ( dig ETH etc. ) It's better to put it in a dust-free environment , otherwise Easy to break down The important thing is the fan ; but Filecoin Mine machine But I need IDC Room level environment .
  3. Filecoin Higher expectations or DU More sexual . A project that is not online , Relying on the vision, it has attracted 10 billion investment in mining machinery and equipment , Blockchain project Never before in history .
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