Fip-0014 community voting proposal passed, foundation issued a statement

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fip-0014 fip community voting proposal

In recent days, , according to Filecoin The official team is Slack News from the channel , call “Filecoin Improvement proposal FIP-0014 The community vote is over , among 1.19 EiB(98%) The storage miner approved the proposal . The core implementers will be based on the voting results and the final security audit , Finally decide whether to accept the FIP.” Before that Filecoin The foundation Medium I've posted a blog saying “ilecoin The community is considering improvement proposals FIP-0014, So that the miners will be any V1 Prove that the service life of the sector is extended to the longest 540 God .” The successful passage of this vote marks FIP-0014 The proposal will be put on line in the near future .V|IPFS_KF818

according to GitHub Description in the community , The reason why it's online FIP-0014, It's because there are security problems in the early encapsulated sectors on the main network , It's likely to threaten... In the future Filecoin Network security of . While eliminating potential safety hazards, this proposal also takes into account the fairness of miners as far as possible , Should be treated as equally as any other part V1 Certification part .

FIP-0014 The proposal allows 2020 year 11 month 27 Use the Internet version every day 7 Before using V1 Prove that the sealed sector extends to the longest 540 The life cycle of days , Including the number of days they have been active . That means 2022 year 5 month 21 Japan , The latest will appear on the Internet v1 A sector .

After statistics , We can find key dates for the daily sector expiration rate

  1. 2021 year 3 month 26 Japan : The first sector is out of date
  2. 2021 year 4 month 14 Japan : The sector expiration rate per day is higher than that per day 1 ten thousand , Or every day 312 TiB
  3. 2021 year 4 month 22 Japan : The sector expiration rate per day exceeds per day 10 ten thousand , Or every day 3.05PiB
  4. 2021 year 5 month 10 Japan : Sector expiration rate peaked , About every day 21.0 ten thousand , Or every day 6.13PiB
  5. 2021 year 5 month 28 Japan : The daily sector expiration rate is lower than 1 ten thousand , Every day 312 TiB

The expiration of these sectors will give Filecoin The pledge will bring some influence . at present ,Filecoin Locked 2780 ten thousand FIL As collateral , among 580 ten thousand (21%) Belong to V1 Proof sector .V1 Proved 180 God, the sector is locked 120 m FIL( Of the total number of networks 4.3%).

Here is Filecoin The foundation is concerned with FIP-0014 A statement of the proposal :

Thank you for joining FIP-0014!

Filecoin The community has completed its first FILPoll, New tools for measuring stakeholders, suggestions for improvement, etc . Thanks to 200 Multiple storage miners participated in FIP-0014 The public opinion poll of , The investigation considered whether the miners would be allowed to v1 Prove that the sector extends to the longest 540 Days of service life . Due to the security considerations of these proofs , In the web version v7 upgrade (2020 year 11 month ) in , Extending such sectors is disabled . Introduced v1.1 Proof to solve this security problem . It's a seal for the early days of the Internet v1 Proving that the miners in the sector are causing problems .


The poll was conducted in 3 month 27 Japan ( Saturday ) World standard time 16:00 Formal closure . The miners voted by an overwhelming majority , Allows you to v1 Prove that the life of the industry is extended to 540 God . The total number of miners participating in the activities accounts for... Of the total storage capacity of the network 1.22 EiB above , It accounts for more than one third of the total storage capacity of the network .97.74% The right to vote for FIP-0014, and 2.26% The right to vote rejected the proposal . stay 1650 Among the active miners , Yes 150 Three miners voted to accept FIP-0014,53 Three miners rejected the offer , among 1 I abstained .

Next step

Filecoin The core developers will now be based on the polling results and the final security audit , To decide whether or not to accept FIP. The final decision will be posted on this blog , And later in FIP-0014 In the Forum . Thank you for your participation FIP-0014 For the first time FIP Everyone in the survey . Your continued participation and contribution are critical to the success of the network !FILPoll Is one of the many small steps needed to create transparent and fully functional community governance .


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